Our Lasting Love by Raine Leggett

Sometime a good time can be just sitting with someone you love. A romantic date is as simple as being together. This story captures that moment and live it out by every word. Please enjoy this small fiction.

Our Lasting Love by Raine Leggett

A rose and tea for my dear girl. These are the things she loves when I come to see her. We sit and chat after she tells me to stay. I vow to keep her for the day. So I promise that I will stay.

A conversation is where we start. I love to listen to her voice. She talks to me in her earnest way with sweet nothings and lots love things. I sometimes zone out just to only hear her. It’s wonderful talking to my sweet.

When we stop we slowly sip our tea. The serene quietness is something of a warmth. As the tea goes down it fills my soul. I bubble up in a giddy emotion. My giggles are hard to contain. We relish in this warmth. It hypnotizes me. This moment of our lives. I love her so much. We could sip tea until the night.

We finish our tea. We go for a walk. Our feelings blossom brighter than the flowers around us. The morning glory leads a path for us. We watch them as we avert our gaze from each other. The beautiful hue of the flower holds our gaze for a moment. Then we look back to each other as nothing could keep me from her. Her lovely eyes shine brighter than the flowers. I fall into them in my own stare.

A gentle breeze caresses her and me. As the summer sun beats down upon us. We hold hands to the warmth around us. We take it in one second at a time. We look at a fountain as we pass the park. We sit there and let our feet soak. We giggle at each other’s jokes. The merriness sends my heart high. A wish for the day to not end comes to mind. Then we make another wish to just sit still in time. 

We gather ourselves and head back. We make a promise that our love will last. And in that promise is one kiss. With an embrace that holds us together. As we part, we stare into each other’s eyes. A lasting love for all our time. We never part. We’ll never leave. This love is just for you and me.

We sit to each other until the sky turns a beautiful orange. The sun now sets and in my lap, you rest your head. A beautiful smile upon your face. What sereneness this is, our lasting love. The night sky now welcomes us.

With the stars high and the moon bright on its side, we gaze into the distance. Just you and I. The streaks in the sky give us one more wish. We tell the stars we just want one more kiss. Our lips meet to the starry shower. I wash in my warmth as it fills me up. Your bright smile after we kiss lights up my world. I shine brighter than ever I have.

A day for you and me. I fly high into the sky and feel as if I’m floating on cloud nine. My lovely girl and I. A beautiful story for all time. I land back to earth. With thoughts of forever still on my mind. Our lasting love is a story of its own. One with a good ending that brings you to tears.

Forever and always I love you sincere. With all my heart. My soul too. I love you and it’s true. My beautiful girl and a beautiful day. My decision to stay was the best thing ever. With you with me days are bright. Our lasting love will stand the test of time.

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