Rain by Raine Leggett

After a break up emotions can swim. A little pick me up can be in order. What if it came in a chance encounter. Enjoy this story that explores this.

Rain by Raine Leggett

The woman ran down the street. The rain poured down from the sky. She had been caught off guard by the sudden downpour.

She made her way to the bus station. It was just about to depart when she made it.

I’m not having a good day…

The woman sighed as she tried to find a comfortable spot.

She let her thoughts swim around her.

It’s bad enough that I got dumped, but now I’m soaked…

Tears welled in her eyes. She became so overwhelmed, she didn’t notice that she had stopped in front of someone who was walking.

“Excuse me. Are you alright?”

The woman looked up to see a slightly younger woman looking at her.

“Oh, sorry. I think I stepped in front of you.”

“It’s fine.” The young woman smiled, “I could just stand here.”


The bus ride was as usual, slightly noisy. The woman took comfort in the noise. It kept her preoccupied.

“Umm, do you have a name?” The young woman asked her.

“Yes, everyone does.”

“I guess I asked for that. My name is Carly.”

The woman felt a bit bad. She knew she was being a bit abrasive as she was in a slightly depressed state.

“Sorry, my name is Madalynn.”

Carly smiled.

“I see. Madalynn, is it? Well, it’s nice to meet you.”

Madalynn looked at Carly. She could tell that Carly may have come here on purpose. Even so, it was nice that someone cared enough to cheer her up.

“I guess I look like a train wreck.”

“No, you just look sad.”

All at once, Madalynn’s tears welled up.

“You can cry you know.” Carly said sincerely, “I don’t think anyone would laugh. I’ll watch the crowd if you feel vulnerable.”

Madalynn sobbed into her arm. She felt like she was being sucked into a void.

Carly felt tears of her own coming. She didn’t like how sad she was.

“We dated for so long. My boyfriend and I were so close, but he found someone else.”


Carly felt a bit sadden by this. What jerk would have someone look like this? Especially since it was someone so beautiful.

“I think that’s crappy.” Carly finally spoke, “After all, you’re so lovely.”

Madalynn eased her crying a bit.

“Thank you. I feel much better after letting it out a bit.”

The bus stopped.

“Oh, looks like I get off here.”

Madalynn looked at the sign.

“Oh yeah so do I!” Carly said.

They walked off the bus. It was still pouring outside.

“Man, it’s sure isn’t letting up.” Carly said as she opened her umbrella.

Madalynn tried to hurry off as she was getting soaked again.

“Maybe, you should stop somewhere to not get so wet.” Carly suggested.

“I probably should.” Madalynn sighed.

“There is a café around here.” Carly suggested, “You could walk under my umbrella with me until we get there.”

“A date already?” Madalynn chuckled.

“No just a friendly gesture.” Carly said with a wink.

They walked the sidewalk sharing the umbrella. It wasn’t far from the bus station. As they walked, they could smell the fresh coffee.

They went inside and ordered their own coffees. It was nice for Madalynn to have something warm to drink and an ear to talk to. They talked for a few minutes before they realized how much they had in common. They eventually ordered snacks to keep their conversation going.

Madalynn felt like her sadness cleared as fast as the cloud did.

“Wow! It’s already cleared up.” Madalynn said, “I guess I should be going.”

Carly stretched.

“Yeah! That felt like seconds.”

Madalynn paused for a bit as they headed out.

“By the way… which way are you going?”

“That way.” Carly said as she headed back to the bus station.


Madalynn was puzzled.

“I have to get to my real stop.” Carly said with a blush.

Madalynn was stunned.

She really went out of her way then… “Well then. Before you go… Can I have your number?”

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