Love-Lie by Raine Leggett

During a major health crisis, I wrote to pass time. I wrote a lot of mini-stories. I intended to flesh them out when I got better; however, they flowed in a way where they told a story. Love-Lie became the name of it because of the thought “is it love or a lie?”. Enjoy!

Love-Lie by Raine Leggett

When it Rains

An Imagination that lights the heart. A smile and a laugh from the bottom of me. Gently resting under a tree. A dream of sunshine, a warmth of rain. A single whisper, a silent pain. My eyes they weep. A sound of lightning rings above. A man calls down “What is your name?” I call back as the sun fades and simply say “My name is Raine.”


A glance in the wrong direction. A fidget and a swallow. A ghost appears and summons you here. In darkness I shall not follow. For whom the bell tows and where do I do go? A glimmer and a hope. I face the fear called death. Forsaken and forgotten memory flashes back. Who is this person that’s constantly laughing? Is it grief or is it more divine? An angel is here with the same name as mine.


A foe or an enemy what is your name? Or are you a friend? Is that your name? Something so close. My heart’s desire. Tell me do you know my name?

Am…I to Leave

A voice as beautiful as the sun. One note and the bell has rung. To whom it calls… An angel will fall. And pray to his soul that my bell is safe.


What follows me here and there. A soul so blank as it stares. Your arm lifts the same as mine. But for you the sun doesn’t shine.

The word “You”

What comes to mind when I think you is a word that spells my feeling for you.

Love Anxiety

A glance in the wrong direction. A fidget and a swallow. A sigh as heavy, as the soil beneath my feet. The steps of my darling become so clear to me. A fear I dare not reveal follows. Instead, we pass each other. A frown now disappears. Because my love so sweet.

Siren’s Song

A storm and a blow. A ship and wreck. A sinner prays. A life to be saved. A siren calls and the ship comes back. Leading the sailor home.

The letter you

I think of a letter. As I look toward the sky. An angel passes across my mind. The letter “U”… What does it mean? I think of a smile of times we were happy. For you the clouds are where you rest. For me the sun shines down as a gentle caress. We follow the rain and the hiding sun. A tale of love brought from above. A kiss so sweet as I wake up.


The one who stares blankly. A vision that bursts. With the stroke of a brush an artist provokes. A splatter of paint. An idea explodes. Dreams come to paper as reality unfolds. A world is entered. We fall to the sky. A song ring with sweet lullabies.

When my name is called

As I glance in the wrong direction; I fidget, and I swallow. A ghost appears and summons me near. A darkness falls before me; one I do not wish to follow. A single bell rings and a hope for life it brings. Forsaken or forgotten. Am I abandoned by God? Why has Insanity taken such a firm grasp? I watch an angel fall right in front of me. Who is the one that calls me? A hand reaches to me. The one it belongs to whispers a name familiar. Beyond the lips of a sinner comes “Please don’t call me back.”

Hope (Happiness)

A splash of color here and there. I pause and I wonder as I stare. The one who stared blankly a brush and a stroke. A pleasant thought that art provokes. The shinning sun a cool rain. A warmth that ends all the pain. I laugh, I cry my soul divine. I smile so bright as time goes by.


An Imagination that lights the heart. A smile a laugh from the bottom of me. Gleefully dreaming under a tree. A nap and a story under the sun. A sound, a song that enters my ears. A serenity as the sun disappears. The stars that shine show a picture of you. Tears fall down my face as a warmth and joy disappear. I listen, I wander to a distance voice; hoping my happiness doesn’t fade.


On a cloud there sat a droplet of rain. Glistening under a ray of sun. It falls down to earth under sky. The soil drinks it over time and it begins new life. A bud of a flower rises from the ground. It soaks up the rays and returns to life. A beauty like no other forms an existence. A ray of sunshine feeds it from above. A beautiful flower remains here on earth. As time flies the sky around it changes. In the light of the sun brings forth an angel. She floats and takes a look before returning to air.

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