A Simple Wish by Raine Leggett

This was initially posted on Ko-fi. I wanted to make a story that was simple and sweet. I turn to the night sky when I want serenity. Enjoy!

A Simple Wish by Raine Leggett

The moon sat high in the sky. It was late in the night. The stars were out in a plenty, giving light to the dark world.
There was a woman sitting outside on as rock. She was just outside of town. Her gaze lay on the moon shining above. She was content to herself. As she gazed into the sky, a star streaked passed her view.
“Oh! A shooting star! I’ll make a wish!”
She closed her eyes and made a wish. A giggle passed her lips as she did.
“I love making wishes.”
Just as she said this another streaked across the sky.
“Ooh! One more wish!”
She closed her eyes and made another wish before getting up.
“It’s getting late… I better head back.”
She walked back to town strolling as she did so. A tune floated in her head. She began to hum out loud. As she made her way into town, she noticed the bread shop was still open.
“Hmm. The lights are usually off by now.”
Just as she said this a man walked out of the shop. He looked stressed and tired.
“Hello, Mr. Gary.” She waved.
“Oh Carol, you are out late.”
“No, sir. This is nothing for me.”
“Oh! Then how are you?”
“I’m good. I’m just heading home.”
“I see. I’m about to do the same . I just had a spill with the kitchen and cleaning has put me behind.”
“A spill?”
“Yes. A new employee rushed out and but the yeast up wrong. And of course I knocked it over.”
“That sounds awful. Are you okay?”
“I could be better, but yes.”
“Okay Mr. Gary, I’ll see you later.”
“Right, Good bye Carol.”
Carol strolled off. She looked in the sky as she did so. The stars were still twinkling brightly. She loved it.
“Too bad, I can’t stay up until they are gone?” She laughed. “I love the stars.”
She made her way to the front of her house.
A small cat was sitting on her porch.
“Poor little guy. You look too young to be by yourself.” She said.
She walked a bit closer. The cat tensed as she did.
“Don’t worry. Oh!”
The cat darted off.
She sighed to herself.
“I hope it will be alright.”
She then turned to the sky for one more look at the stars before heading in.
As she did she noticed she had voicemail on the phone.
She checked the voice mail.
Hello Carol. It’s me Danny. I’m coming home. You hear me, I’m coming home!
Carol Screamed.
“Danny’s coming home!”
She danced around her room before falling on the couch.
Soon tears began to fall.
“I can’t believe it. My love returns!”
She then went to her window.
“You beautiful darlings. You gave me my wish!”
She then blew a kiss to the stars.
“I’ll sleep well tonight.” She said to herself.
She then went to her room and lay in her bed.
“Soon I will have you with me again. We’ll shine as bright as the stars above. A light will fill our future together and we’ll never part again, my love.”
She smiled as she said this and closed her eyes. Sleep met her as soon as she did and carried her off to a night of bliss.

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