A Rose in Spring by Raine Leggett

Storie like these makes my heart bloom. A rose for someone you care about and a little stroll too. It just makes me happy. Check it out!

A Rose in Spring by Raine Leggett

Every spring she brings me a rose. It began to be something I looked forward to. She would always say this is the first one from my garden. It makes me smile every time. This year was no different. She promised to bring me a rose once we meet at the park.

The young woman sat to herself. She watched every face that passed by. She was starting to get nervous. It wasn’t anything too bad, she thought. It’s just that these days seeing Sarah made her that way.

She cleared her throat.

“Frog in your throat?” She heard.

“Oh!” She said as she looked up. “Sarah!”

“Hi, Brittney!” Sarah said with her hand behind her back.

She got closer and revealed what she had.

It was a rose so beautiful and lush. But what wowed Brittney was the color. It was pink and so lovely.

“For you. As promised.” Sarah said.

Brittney took the rose carefully.

She looked at it fondly before placing it to her nose. Its scent was so lovely, she nearly cried.

“Thank you…” She said sincerely.

“You’re welcome. I always love growing these. So for you to look that happy, I’m so glad.”

Sarah sat down on the bench Brittney was sitting on.

She watched Brittney eye the flower more before she turned her attention back to her.

Brittney nearly blushed at the warmth in her eyes.

“So, how are thing with school?” Sarah asked.

Brittney sat next to her.

“It’s well. I am finishing up midterms in a few days. After this stretch, I’m in my senior year.” She beamed.

“You should be proud of yourself.” Sarah said with a smile to match Brittney’s.

“I am…” Brittney said as she couldn’t help but blush.

Sarah watched her as Brittney’s gaze averted.

“Sorry.” Brittney said as she looked up. “Didn’t mean to run.”

“It’s alright. You are cute that way.”

“Brittney’s heart thumped.

“Well then… If you don’t mind let’s take a walk.” Sarah asked.

Brittney practically jumped up.


“Hah hah. Slow down. I need to get up too.” Sarah chuckled.

Brittney waited as Sarah got up.

“Let’s go to the fountain area.” Sarah said as she did.

“Yes! Let’s!” Brittney agreed.

She and Sarah strolled down a beautifully patterned sidewalk. It was such a lovely day. The sun was shining high and there were just enough clouds to provide a nice breeze.

Brittney held her rose close.

“Can I have one of your hands?” Sarah asked.

Brittney blushed.

“Or is it weird?”

“No!” Brittney said as she let Sarah grab one of her hands.

She held the rose close and grasped Sarah’s hand. Her heart was off the charts.

“Hee hee.” Sarah chuckled again.

“What?!” Brittney asked.

“You’re so nervous.” Sarah replied.

Brittney nearly hid her face again but managed to look at Sarah still.

“You can tell?” she asked.

“Yes. It’s cute.”

Brittney marveled at Sarah’s intuition. It was what she always liked about her. Sarah had already finished college and works as a botanist at a nearby university. She was so mature to her. She could help but feel like a kid, yet at the same time, she knew there was respect in Sarah’s words.

“By the way. I wanted to tell something.”

Brittney looked at her curiously.

Sarah stopped their stroll.

“I really love you, Brittney.” Sarah said as she faced her.

Brittney almost dropped her rose.

“Really?” She said.

“Yes. Really.” Sarah continued.

“I want to be yours.” She said.

Brittney’s eyes teared up.

I want that too. I mean I love you too.” Brittney said with all her heart.

Sarah smiled before placing her lips against her.

“Good. Then next time we meet, I have a bouquet for you.” She said as she parted.

“Brittney smiled as bright as the sun.

“Then. I’ll wait for you.”

“Hold on. We have to get the fountain.” Sarah winked.

“Right. Brittney said as she grabbed her hand and they strolled off.

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