The Little Owl by Raine Leggett

This story was an entry to a contest. It didn’t win, but I think it is good. So I’ll share it here. Enjoy!

The Little Owl by Raine Leggett

I’ve always thought that if I could fly, I would be as free as can be. That no harm would reach me. That I would never fall. If I could fly, I could be closer to you. Closer to where you rest in heaven.

Walking the path I usually do; I look to the sky again. I listen in my heart. Who do I hear? I voice so sweet I hope it is yours. I stand still and sway in the gentle breeze. Is it you that caresses me, my love? It has no warmth, yet it soothes me. Is it you?

I continue to walk the sun low in the sky. I’ve always marveled at the colors. I stop to watch it for a bit. You must be in paradise.

I hear a sound. Who is there I ask? A small owl comes into view.

“Hoo hoo” it says.

I watch it closer. It stared into my eyes. A cute little barn owl. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It watched me as I left. I have eyes for such things. You were my beauty and were cute too. I loved you so.

The wind begins to pick up. I begin to feel a chill. Why the sudden wind? Were you not happy to hear me?

“Hoo Hoo”

I turn to see the owl behind me.

“Why do you follow me?” I ask.

It tilted its head.

What a strange creature it is. I want it to leave. My heart was not up to being followed by such a thing.

I hasten my steps. It was all I could do.

“Hoo hoo.”

The wretched thing flew in front of me.

“Please. I have no time for this.” I said as I begin to run in another direction.

I find myself at the park now in the night sky. It was so beautiful up high.

I watched the stars appear as I strolled. It was lovely. I thought of you as I reveled in this cool night.

“Hoo hoo”

My heart sunk as I heard it.

I turn to see the owl sitting up high.

“It must be nice to be able to fly like that. You could go anywhere. See any one…”

I sighed at that thought.

“Even so if they are gone. No matter how high of far, you can’t see them.”

I stay in place as the sky was now lit with stars.

I find a place to sit. My eyes begin to water as the do.

“You would have loved this view. But I suppose you have a better one now.”


“My love is who.”


“You must be lonely to follow me around. Perhaps we will sit together then.”

As soon as I said this it flew off.

“I guess not then.”

I make my way home. I had such a sad feeling. My sweet love was gone.

I lay down after a long bath. It was warm and soothing. My cover up to my neck, I drift off to sleep.

“Who is there?” I say as a figure stands before me.

“My dear… you have come.”

“Shirley…” I say in my breath.

“Let me hold you one more time.” She said with tears in her eyes.

I embrace my love. As I do a cold comes over me. I feel as light as air. My sense daze. My eyes feel with light. I feel no pain just fear. Where am I going I think. I open my eyes to nothing but a blue space.

“My love you have come. Wait here until you are ready. We will meet again.”

“Hoo hoo” The owl sat in the tree next to a window. As the morning sun filled the room the owl closed its eyes.

“My dear you are here. I have waited so long. Myra.”

Let’s stay here in heaven together. My warmth will never leave you again.

I turn to see me laying still in my bed. It was surreal but I grab my love’s hand and soar high into the sky.

Forever you and I.

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