The White Lilies of the Lake by Raine Leggett

This is a story about a chance encounter. I love such things in romance. A deity and a princess. What more could you ask? Enjoy!

The White Lilies of the Lake by Raine Leggett

She sat on the edge of the lake. Her reflection staring back as intently as she was. She sighed as the wind rippled across her reflection in the lake. Unaware of the eyes on her from above she brushed her hands across her face.
“Do you aim to go in after yourself, girl?”
Startled she turns to see a beautiful woman standing there.
“I was the only one here.” She said wearily. “I would have known if there was someone else.”
“You say that as if you own this place.”
“I do, for this is my land. My kingdom.”
“What is your name?”
“You should know my name is Maize.” She looked up slightly offended. “The crown princess of this land.”
“How bold. For I am Serenity. An entity that gives this land light. A nymph if you will.”
Maize lit up.
Serenity rose an eyebrow as she expected senseless babbling.
“Why do you look as if you were offended?” Maize said rather slyly.
“People shouldn’t be so full of themselves.” Serenity retorted.
“Well then…”
Maize got up and walked around. She moved rather quickly as if to avoid the woman following her.
“Is this your territory or something?” Maize asked in annoyance.
“I’ve watched you come here for some time.” Serenity said softly.
“Then you must be in love.” Maize laughed.
“How foolish.” Serenity blushed, “But I am a woman of nature under the sign of Aphrodite. I need not concern myself with a selfish mortal.”
She sprung ahead of her bumping her slightly as she passed.
Maize was immediately agitated.
“Watch it.” She yelled.
“Try and catch me princess.” Serenity taunted, “And try not to fall.”
As soon as her words left, she took off.
Maize huffed and chased the woman.
Serenity ran so effortlessly. She made sure she zigzagged through trees and hopped over any rock she could find. Maize stumbled a few times. Serenity looked back often and laughed as she knew Maize tried hard not to fall.
“You won’t laugh when you fall, Serenity.”
“You’ll bite your tongue if you talk and ran so awkwardly.” She teased.
They reached a clearing. Maize’s eyes grew wide as it was filled with white flowers. She slowed herself to look at them. She looked around as she ran before suddenly crashing into Serenity’s arms.
“Well, It seems I caught you instead.” Serenity laughed as she held her.
“Or did I stop paying attention and nearly knock you over.” Maize said with a blush.
Serenity let her go as Maize pushed herself away. Maize walked toward the field. She beamed as the endless field of white flowers stretched for miles.
“They are the lilies that grow around this lake.” Serenity started, “They separate this world from the outside. The meadows beyond takes you to the wilderness. Then you are in the world around.”
“Be quite will you.” Maize shushed her. “I want to enjoy my view.”
Serenity sprung before her and picked a Lilly. She surrounded it in light. The flower seemed to brim with more life.
“Wow it’s even prettier.” Maize got closer as she smiled.
“Then have it.” Serenity said rather softly.
“Really?” Maize said as she tentatively grabbed it.
“You need not be so careful as my powers are great.” Serenity continued in a more normal tone, “Just don’t lose it.”
“Then I will cherish it.” Maize smiled sincerely.
Serenity beamed her own smile.
“By the way I won’t fall for you.” Maize said sneakily.
“Are you familiar with the langue of flowers.” Serenity said with curiosity.
“It is a hobby of mine.” Maize looked at the flower she was carefully holding.
“Then all the more easier to tell you I meant for the land to have such beauty.” She walked around her,” They represent the purest of love. My land is lush and beautiful. This field is beyond your kingdom on purpose. I wish for it to stay this way.”
“What do you mean?”
“Don’t be selfish, girl, and tarnish my land.” Serenity said.
She watched Maize frown.
“I mean not to make you sad.” Serenity said as she got closer.
“Are you going to kiss me?” Maize asked nervously.
“The lily is enough.” She said as she pulled back.
She walked back to the forest.
This time Maize followed her.
Serenity stopped. Her body glew a bright yellow.
“At least before you leave you should say goodbye.” Maize said softly.
“I’ll say something better.”
Serenity continued to glow. She faded into golden light. As she left sunlight fuzzed around her. They danced around the field. She watched in awe. Before grabbing one.
All at once a bliss of warmth surrounded her. She felt as if she would fly away. She closed her eyes to take it all in. As she opened her eyes, she noticed she was looking at the clouds above. The golden fuzz floated high into the sky.
She turned to look at the field of White Lilies as they shined with bright light.
Enjoy yourself well. Your secret garden.
“Fine then. I love you too. Come again soon.”
And with that she headed back.

Check out my novel East Sol if you like stories like this. It captures the same type of elements.

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