To Our Neighbors by Raine Leggett

This is a story I entered in a challenge. It didn’t make it so I wanted to share it here. It is a sweet story about a gentleman who is witnessing a town event worth history. Check it out!

To Our Neighbors by Raine Leggett

David did imagine this day would come. The town’s time capsule was expected to be opened today. He sat in his eyelids remembering the day he put in his most prized possession. It was such an endeavor. The way everyone was smiling. The way they worked together, He never thought it would be so fun to give something away. Let alone making such a sweet memory with his neighbors.
So many years have passed. He would think about it every now and then. Saying to himself “I wonder what they would think about the things we put it. I bet they would have flying cars by then.” He would always laugh when he said it.
David watched some of the neighborhood kids run by. They were so excited. He put on his best cap and prepared to go to the town’s square. He brushed his shoulders and left his house. The event was in an hour.
He strolled down the street. Passing a lot of lively faces. It was like the time when they first buried it. He was overjoyed himself.
As he walked he thought of the individuals who put in there prized possessions. They all were smiling as if they were sharing a piece of themselves with the future. He felt the same. He even talked to his friend first before making his decision. After much deliberation he put in his yo-yo.
It was his favorite toy. He had won many competitions with it as well. His favorite tricks were ‘walk the dog” and “the cradle.” He smiled to himself as he thought of it. He wanted them to know why it was special so he wrote a note in the capsule as well.
David reached the square the Mayor was at a podium set up in the middle. He chatted with many individuals as he waited. As the crowd gathered in David saw that some were carrying things. He chuckled to himself as he knew that the capsule was to be opened and a new one was to be buried.
“Hello My good citizens.” The mayor started. “We are gathered here to meet those of our past. In this very capsule, holds memories of those who have lived here before us.”
David listened intently.
“We will now open the capsule and see what they had to share with us.”
The mayor held a big box. It had a key to it that was attached at the top. He took the key and opened it.
The crowd burst into cheers.
The mayor showed of everything one by one. What surprised David was the condition of it. They all looked unaged.
David’s heart began to pound.
“This a yo-yo from David. It was his companion throughout many competitions and his one of his very best friends. He wanted to place it here as a memory for the towns people.”
“Oh!” a kid said.
“That is your’s? Mr. David.”
“It indeed is.” He beamed.
“Then come and take a closer look!” The mayor who had overheard said.
David walked up to the podium. He looked at it and immediately teared up. His yo-yo, Old Blaze was still alive.
He held it fondly before looking at the mayor.
“I think this old boy will want to see another 100 years.”
:”That would be wonderful.” The mayor said.
“But let me add one more thing.”
David took off his hat.
“This guy has seen my days for a while. Let it keep Old Blaze company.”
The crowd cheered brightly. Soon one by one they all made their way up to place things in the capsule.
David was so happy he cried.
“To our fellow citizen of the future, we wish you well.”
And with that the mayor closed the capsule and buried it once more.

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