An Angel by Raine Leggett

I wanted to revisit my flash collection Love-Lie it is one of my first pieces. As I read it I felt inspired to write a new story. Check it Out!

An Angel by Raine Leggett

As I glance in the wrong direction, I see where I cannot go. As an angel who sits way up high, I’m destined to slumber before I go. A wreath of grief is on my door. I sleep in peace. A journey ahead. What is this place? I call it death. But there is no one to mourn. I knock on his door asking to be let in. Three times and it opens. To Heaven, I go.

Sitting on a cloud, I lay my head down. Nothing but a shining sun. Nothing but the warmth around. I watch a cloud drift below. As it passes, I see a soul. One that’s giddy and full of glee. One that’s happy and reminds me of me. Or what I used to be. An imaginative soul. I want to go and grab it. So in the world, I go.

I watch it from afar. A beautiful woman accompanies it. A light that I am drawn to. Yet to be near it causes despair. I want to snatch it up. Is that cruel of me to do? I let it be for now and stay too close for comfort.

The soul though bright begins to dull. A secret light washes over it. Is it light? No, it’s something different. A sinisterness called despair. I watch as the light dims. The soul begins to weep. It’s raining inside her head. Tears fall down my cheeks. The angel that I’m watching deserves the light I seek. I go inside it with sweet thought to dry the rain.

A smile so beautiful forms. I’m fueled with happiness for hours. The light of the soul returns. I bathe in it from afar. She lets her mouth form into some sweet words. She sings about her love. A song that I adore. As this lady woos me, I want to snatch her more. She is something lovely. Someone I want more.

The woman’s name is what I seek. I want to call it back to me. Is that cruel to want to do so? Or should I stay within an Angel’s grasp? I want to keep on living. I wish that I had not died. This beauty that drew me down, keeps me floating in limbo.

What agony do I seek? I only want to sleep. No harm should befall you. In your life, you should be. I watch you smile at another. I can’t stand it’s not for me. I wish I had not found you. Oh, how I wished I were asleep.

So I float away to my cloud. Despair disturbs my peace. No harm should befall you. So in the afterlife, I hope you’ll be for me.

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