Remembering You by Raine Leggett

I’m up at the early hours of morning and can’t sleep. So I thought I’d pen something. It is a story of loss and mourning. Missing someone is hard. I try to convey these emotions into a small story, I hope you enjoy!

Remembering You by Raine leggett

Sitting all alone under the willow tree, I pondered what was next in this gentle breeze. Where do I begin? I call to the sky for answers. I want to know what it is like to live without you. Your smile warmed my heart each and every day. Your gaze kept me floating. I’ll never forget your warmth. As I feel this grief for your desire. I feel a pain like no other. I want to fly to your side. Yet doing so is not fair to others. You were my blessing. My other half. Without you here I find myself crying. Under this willow tree I feel like dying.

As I whisper these words, the leaves of the tree shake with a might. One that seems to be angry in motion. Why did the wind pick up? I can bearly breathe. Is this a sign are you telling me something? As the wind dies down. The light shines under the tree. It’s warmth too sincere. It make me feel serene. I miss those type of rays. The ones we used to bath in. It doesn’t grow brighter and doesn’t go away. Did you send this to me, my dear? To cheer me up today?

I leave my spot under the willow tree. I gaze at the sky to see a beautiful blue. It was not what I expected. The cloud looked like lush cotton candy. My vision blurred from the tears I cried. Everything will be alright.

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