As I Wish for You By. Raine Leggett

Sometimes love can be daunting. ”What ifs” floods in and a fear arises. Will my love be returned? A question that can be overwhelming. This piece explores that thought process. Please enjoy! As I Wish for You by. Raine Leggett Another day without you. Another day I dream. Another day I pray to the skyContinue reading “As I Wish for You By. Raine Leggett”

Death (A Flash Story) by Raine Leggett

This story is about a struggle with life. It follows the last moment of a suffering individual. Please enjoy. Death (A Flash Story) Movement One: Despair I look around and all I see is an abyss. Fighting time with rage, fighting life with despair in my eyes. I call to the lord with my fistContinue reading “Death (A Flash Story) by Raine Leggett”

To Wait for You by Raine Leggett

This story was after an odd challenge. I had to make a story about a lamp. After some thinking, the lamp became the scene on/scene off device. It was very interesting to do. Please enjoy this fiction about a woman who thinks its the end of her relationship. To Wait for You by. Raine LeggettContinue reading “To Wait for You by Raine Leggett”

Forever with Me by Raine Leggett

This piece is a dialog piece. A bit of call and answer if you will. As I think of someone strong, I think of someone with high self worth. Sometimes one can become too arrogant at who the need. Self worth can mean I don’t need anyone to some. This piece explores a love forContinue reading “Forever with Me by Raine Leggett”