Hi from me, Raine

My name is Raine, and I am a huge fan of storytelling. I have grown up with a love of daydreaming. Daydreaming has always been a way to refuel and recharge. I am an avid fan of rest and relaxation. I’ve always believed a good tale can go a long way.

I follow a trail of dreams in my head to create tales that create an emotion of bliss. Stories have been my travel companion through life for as long as I’ve remembered. A good story can take me as far as the sky and beyond.

I have longed to be a writer since I was a little girl. I remember drawing a comic of a popular show as a 5-year-old and my uncle said he was going to publish it. I cried tears of joy. My wish to be published for my own stories began there. By the age of 6, I won 2nd place in a PTA reflection contest. By third grade, I became in love with literature and fell in love with a series of children’s poems. Poetry took a firm place in my heart.

In high school, I entered a poetry contest with a poem called My Own Abyss. It was immediately sent to the final round. However, as you grow older real-world emotions set in and doubts of your own abilities are more real. I looked at a prize of one million dollars and quit feeling it wasn’t good enough. I doubted if it was a real contest. Even so in my heart, I felt as if I was selling myself short.

I’ve struggled with my desire to write and folding myself into the life of office jobs. However, part of being a writer is believing in your own storytelling.

As I introduce you to the world of the budding author, I invite you to enjoy my early work. As you delve into my world, I invite you to enjoy the poem I sold short.

My Own Abyss
by Raine Leggett

Surrounded by darkness, I try to escape
I with an emotionless expression
Upon my face, what do I do, but
remember you, those times you scolded,
laughed, and hate

I drown in a river of my own tears,
slowly being consumed by my fears.
burning with hatred from remembrance
of you, with a stake in my heart
piercing through and through.

You denied me life and corrupted my
soul, with all that nonsense you seem
to hold, wanting nothing but
the end of my soul.

Now here I lie in my own abyss,
clenching my fist at the thought of
you, standing there laughing as
 I slowly drown in my abyss.

A Book for Me and A Ring for You – A Short Story by Raine Leggett

Hello all! I hope you are enjoying the stories. This next story is a short story based off of my story A Book for Me and A Ring for you. If you are familiar with it then you may enjoy this story. If you aren’t here is a little history. A Book for Me and A Ring for You is a novelette I created back in 2020. It is written in first person pov. It follows an author named Dawn and her struggle to have her book published. She meets a girl named Evie who befriend her immediately. They gain a relationship over time that makes the trip to publication much easier. I felt like it was too short some time after writing it and has since revisited it. It is now a short novella on Amazon still in first person pov. I wanted to play with it some more but I can’t keep touching so now here is a short story to give it some more depth. Please enjoy!

A Book for Me and A Ring for You a Short Story by Raine Leggett

The woman sat to herself in silence. Her head resting in her hand. There was an air of sadness about her. One that mimicked loneliness. Or perhaps it was something more devious. Like depression. She didn’t know. It just felt like something was off.

She stared out the window. The rain fell rapidly as she looked on. The way it streamed across the glass reminded her of tears. To her, it reflected her mind so well. Even so, the pattering of each droplet gave her serenity. She loved the rain as it made her feel less lonely. The isolation it brings makes it feel alright she is alone. Yet she never quite picked up as she knew the rain would end.

She let out a sigh.

She continued to look through the glass until something caught her eye.

A woman walked by in the distance. She didn’t seem to be in any hurry. The rain hit over her as she walked, yet not a single thing about it worried her. She seemed at peace. Why not run in it? Why not hurry? The woman who sat to herself thought. She takes a good look at her face and sees that she is so lovely.

The woman’s face lit a bit. She watched the woman in the rain walk on. There was such a glow to her even in all of this rain. The way she seemed to glide in her steps. The way she seemed to be smiling. It was lovely.

Another sigh escaped the woman’s lips as she watched her pass by.

She lingered in thought before deciding to get up.

“Maybe I’ll make some tea.” She said to herself.

She walked to her kitchen and filled a pot with water before setting it on the stove. As it begin to heat, she picked out one of her favorite teas, Lady Grey. She sat at the table while she waited. Swimming in her thoughts, that woman’s face appeared. She closed her eyes to stare. A smile formed on her lips.

“She had such a nice face.” The woman said softly.

Before she could think more, she heard the whistling of the teapot. She got up to place her tea bag in her cup before pouring the hot water in. The aroma immediately hit her. She took it in with a whiff and melted in her mind. After it was brewed, she took a nice long sip. It was heavenly. She felt she could actually feel good. As she thought this, she saw the woman’s face one more time.

She sighed.

“I want to see her again.”

She took more sips of her tea and let the warmth fill her. She leaned back in her seat and smiled.

“I think I’ll head out after this.”

She finished her tea and washed up. Afterward, she grabbed her backpack and headed out the door.

The rain had stopped since she was inside. It left a beautiful lush green sight. The woman always loved how it looked after the rain. She strolled in her walk. Eventually, she decided to head for the park. In this lushness, why not?

She made her way down the sidewalk. There were quite a few people out despite it just raining. She looked at a few faces as she passed by. As she watched the people in the distance, a familiar face caught her eye.

“It’s her!” The woman jolted.

She watched the face disappear behind a few others. She wanted to keep up with her so she sped up through the crowd. She felt silly doing this but she really wanted to see her. As far as she walked she couldn’t find the woman again. A sigh escaped her lips again.

“Let me settle down.” She said.

With those words, she decided to look for a place to sit. She searched until she found a bench just a ways off. She sat down and begin to rummage through her backpack. Pulling out a pad and pen she began to write.

A story unfolds about love and anguish. It filled her heart yet emptied it all the same. She got so engrossed she didn’t notice the person standing near her.

“You’re good.”

The woman jolted up to see the face she was looking for.


“Sorry I didn’t mean to startle you or look over your shoulder for so long.”

“It’s alright.” The woman said as she let her heart settle.

“That’s good.” The other woman smiled.

“So do you write like that often?” The other woman asked.

“Kind of. It is just a thing I do to keep my skill honed.”

“Oh! Then are you a writer?”

“Yes”. The woman answered.

“Ooh.” The other woman clapped. “Do you mind if I sit with you while you write?”

“Well…” The woman thought.

Every bit of her wanted to say no but she watched the earnest smile of the other woman and without further thought, she answered yes.

“Sure. I always enjoy a reader.”

“Yay!” The other woman clapped before sitting down.

It was a bit awkward for the woman at first. She would get into a rhythm before the other woman would ask a question or two. It was annoying at first but when she stopped to answer the questions it made her think of the story more. Once she finished the earnest awe the other woman expressed was something magical. She loved it. It made the process worthwhile.

“You really have skill.”

“Thanks. I appreciate your compliment.”

“Can you write another one?”

“Sure.” The woman said.

She started to think before words came to mind.

Roses as red as your cheeks. Daisies that reflect your love. A beautiful flower for every word I speak. And everyone of them says I’m in love. They build a bouquet that will symbolize us. And one day they’ll be tossed in the air. We’ll leave it behind on our way forward. As the colors our love bring will bloom much brighter. Forever and ever on our path of love.

.The woman handed it to her to read. She smiled beautifully afterward. But before q word can come out of her mouth she suddenly stood up.

She handed back the pad.

 Disappointment wash crossed the woman’s face.

The woman began to put her pad away.


She looked up to see the other woman smiling.

“My name is Evie.”

“Dawn.” The woman replied.

“Dawn? Is it.” She beamed. “Then if life has it, Dawn, Let me read again.”

“I will.” Dawn said with a smile before watching Evie set off.

Dawn felt like she floated back to her house. She never felt so high.

“I guess this is what it feels like to have a reader.” She thought.

She made it inside and placed her backpack down. She sat on her couch nearly humming to herself. The rain came back but this time she simply listened to it. She saw Evie’s smile one more time before one formed of her own. She then got up to head to her room.

“I better work on my novel.”

Dawn settled in at her desk and pulled out her laptop. She then pulled out her notes and begin examining them.

She sighed. It was already queried but it was sent back for improvement for the umpteenth time.

She examined and read.

“What do I work on? I think it’s good.” She thought.

She then got up.

“I’ll soak first to get my mind going.”

She then headed to her bathroom.

She started the water and begin to let her mind float. But all she could see was Evie. She let her mind linger on the woman’s face.

She then examined the water.

“Maybe some bubble too.”

As soon as the water was to her liking she sat in the tub.

“This is nice…” She said as she leaned back. “I’ll take my time.”

She lay in her bed after soaking in the bathtub. She felt good. She thought of Evie again. Evie had such a playful enthusiasm. She really loved that.

She continued to think. There isn’t enough time in the world she thought. Her novel had a deadline and duty calls. She must continue to write.

Even still, her mind wandered in the darkness of her room. She closed her eyes. A beautiful dream appeared as she let her eyes stay closed. She woke up in what seemed like minutes. Horror struck and her mind raced. Two hours had passed since she laid down.

“I need to back to my book!”

She rushed out of bed; however, in her flash of bliss, she slowed down. Remembering Evie’s words of haste made her wonder why she did pressure herself.

“I’ll take my time and slow down.” Dawn thought out loud.

She looked outside again. The clouds were back. A slight drizzle came down. But in her mind It was nice.

“I’ll wait until tomorrow and do it just right.”

She laid back down and let herself drift off to sleep.

It was early in the morning. Dawn had just finished washing after breakfast. The sun was only slightly out. It looked like it could rain any moment. She sat at my desk watching the few rays that shine come in. She had her pad and pen ready to write.

She closed her eyes and thought of the previous plot. Soon excitement rushed through her.  She decided to add another story arc. The main heroine was to meet a traveling monk.

She wrote down what she wanted out of the scene. Then she began to write.

It was a bit difficult to flesh out at first but, she eventually got into a rhythm. Time flew as she wrote and before she knew it three hours had passed.

She closed her laptop and stretched. It was so satisfying. However, she still wished she could have more time. There is so much she wanted to do. She gets lost sometimes.

“If only time could stop for me.” She wished out loud.

A long sigh escaped her lips.

“I want to freeze time…” She sighed again.

She closed her eyes and thought of Evie. She probably doesn’t think like this. Dawn thought.

“I want to steal every bit of that confidence for myself.” She laughed out loud.

“Maybe I’ll head to the park now.” Dawn said as she got up.

Dawn exited her home. It wasn’t a long walk to the park. She took her time watching as the sidewalk begin to crowd as she went further towards the park.

She then found herself looking around more than she wanted to.

“I’m being silly.” Dawn thought to herself. “I won’t find her that easy.”

She sighed.

She strolled through the park. It was very quiet yet it was so loud. There were a few people but not as many as before.

Dawn looked around before she saw her.

Evie was sitting on the bench they sat at yesterday.

Her eyes landed on Dawn’s immediately.

“You’re here again.” Evie said with a wide smile.

Yeah. It is a nice day so I decided to take a walk.” Dawn said with her own smile.

“Me too!” She beamed.

Dawn almost blushed as it seemed Evie was happy to see her.

That can’t be though. After all, She barely knew her.

“Come join me?” Evie asked.

Dawn smiled


They sat for a moment. Before conversation struck. They talked for a while before a conversation struck up about flowers. She seemed to love them a lot. Dawn did too. Dawn told her she loved tulips.

Evies eyes brightened so beautifully.

“I love them too!”

 Dawn wanted to show off more. So she offered to write her a story. It was called The Bouquet.

It read as:

When I see you, there is one flower in my hand. I’ll send a message to you and pretend it doesn’t end. You take the flower and you say it is as beautiful as “you”. I take my time to talk and swallow my thoughts.

When I give you another flower, I show you a sincere heart. You look at me and then we take a walk. The wind leads a trail to the next step. I hold my breath as I say, “please accept.”

You look at me as you take one more flower. I show my smile as bright as I can. I hold my tears as yours come out. We’ll be together as you say” I love you a lot.”

Evie swooned when she read it.

“This is nice. It really made my day.” She smiled.

Thank you.” Dawn beamed so wide Evie chuckled.

Dawn blushed as she did.

“Oh.” She said as she did too.

“ I didn’t offend you, did I?” She said sheepishly.

No!” Dawn said rather loudly..

Evie looked relieved.

“Okay.” She said as she sighed.

“Well, I better go.” She said as she got up.

Dawn was disappointed but then her stomach growled.

“ You probably should too.” She giggled.

Right.” Said with her own laugh.

They parted ways in separate directions.

Dawn beamed to herself. She felt so good.

Evie turned around one last time before they got too far apart.

“Let’s meet again. “ she called from behind.

Dawn smiled and agreed.

Dawn walked towards the park exit. She fell into her thoughts of Evie.

“She wants to meet again!” Dawn said with a smile.

She then thought.

“Maybe I’ll eat out today.” She said as she headed further into town.

She strolled towards her favorite lunch spot, a burger joint that was nearby,

She loved her location. It was what she called centrally located. With many amenities and a lot of them were within walking distance.

She had a great townhome. It was not easy to find. While it wasn’t big it was perfect for her. Which is why she often worries about her decision to quit her job to write. She saved for many years. So she is confident she can find something else with the years she’s saved. But that would be disappointing, she thought. She’s 32 years old. She thought it is the best time to pursue her dream. Even so, she becomes such a nervous wreck about it. Eating out is a luxury. So she can live at her home. She budgeted three years meticulously. She knows her limit well and if she has to, she will clean out her 401k.

“Alright.” She thought as she approached the burger joint. “Let’s eat!”

She was seated immediately. The smell of burgers and fries filled her nostrils. Her stomach was most definitely ready.

Not long after being seated, she ordered a mushroom and swiss burger with some fries and a tea. It came to $12.50 and with tip, she thought it wasn’t bad.

Dawn took her time eating. She was so happy that she didn’t mind doing this. Afterall she shouldn’t be fearful she thought.

 She sipped her tea near the end of her meal.

After her meal, she sat back a bit before leaving her tip and heading home.

Dawn stared at her pages. She wanted to just dive in. It was so nerve-wracking. She squinted at some of the writing.

“Maybe this should be improved.” She said as she analyzed it.

She read out loud and rewrote it again and again until she was satisfied.

She checked the clock.

A sigh escaped her lips.

“I can’t believe it is this late again.”

Dawn placed her head in her hands. She started to think of life as an author. She wanted so much more. Her lip started to quiver.

“Why am I still at this stage after being accepted?” She said teary-eyed. “What more can I do?”

She decided to rest before just simply submitting her work. Afterward, she let her mind spiral. Was that new scene enough? Perhaps I should have waited. I want this so much.

Her head began to hurt. She went to her bed to lay down. She closed her eye tightly.

Before saying under her breath.

“Please let this work…”

Shortly after sleep took over and it would not let go until the morning.

Dawn woke up to the bright sunlight. She felt she didn’t sleep well at all.

“How could I fly so high yet crash so low?” she thought.

She looked around. It was getting a little unkept.

“I better clean today,” Dawn said.

She went to her broom closet and collected some cleaning supplies. She was going to buff and shine the floors, dust, and clean the kitchen and bathrooms. It was an all day affair she thought. Perhaps it would keep her mind off of her stress she hoped.

She cleaned her floor starting with the living room. Running the sweeper over it she took her time. She looked out her window and saw Evie walking again.

Dawn stared. She must take this route from time to time she thought. She watched as Evie went on. Dawn felt a strong urge to run outside, but instead, she let the woman leave her view.

As oddly as it felt Dawn felt energized,

“Let’s get this house spotless!” She said.

Dawn soaked in her bathtub. Cleaning really did take all day. She let the warmth of the water cleanse her of her tiredness. It was nice.

Shortly after Dawn went to her room. She didn’t have time to settle in before her phone rang.

“Oh! It’s Kevin.”

Kevin was her editor.

She picked up the phone.

“Hello?” She said.

“Hey. Dawn. This is Kevin. I wanted to tell you I received your updated manuscript. I haven’t had time to review it yet but hopefully I will get to it soon.”

“Alright. Thank you for the update.” Dawn replied.

“Sure. I won’t keep you, now. So have a nice day and we’ll get this book on track to publish soon.” Kevin said before hanging up.

Dawn sighed.

“Hopefully it won’t be long after this.” She said as she sat down.

She laid back on her bed.

“This is so nerve-wracking.” She thought.

She let herself lay there a few moments before deciding to turn on some music. She listened to her favorite radio station. She let the music take her before thinking of Evie again.

“I wonder if she likes music like this too.” Dawn thought.

She sighed again.

“Maybe I’ll go to the park tomorrow. She might be there again.”

Dawn smiled at the thought of this.

“Well, I better get some sleep.”

It was a beautiful thing. Finding Evie that is. Dawn couldn’t help but think that way. Going to the park has become an adventure in itself for her. She would stroll and find Evie in various places throughout. The way Evie smiled in when their eye met always sent Dawn soaring.

It was strange for her. She lived by her writing and her dreams. Yet having Evie around was so much for her. She wanted her to read her stories no matter what. Dawn always protected her time viciously. So it was strange sharing it. But something about Evie made it worth it.

Evie was reading some of Dawn’s work. She looked so intent. It was a great feeling for Dawn. Dawn paused a bit before Evie sat the notebook down.

“This was wonderful. You really are good.” Evie said.

“Thank you.” Dawn smiled.

Evie stared at Dawn.

“What is it?” Dawn said a bit awkwardly.

“You seem more cheerful than when I first met you.”

Dawn paused. She had a point. Her writing was applauded as improved by her editor Kevin. She was closing in on publication. She spent so much time with Evie these days. And even though She had always feared lost of time to the point she feared she had chronophobia, she felt as if Evie sent her flying high.

“You’re right. I feel like a new person.”

“I do too. It’s because of you, you know.” Evie smiled.

Dawn’s heart jolted. She glanced away a little to quickly for her liking.


“Oh yeah! I got distracted. It’ been great hanging out together.”

Evie giggled in the most innocent way. Dawn loved it.

“Then let’s take a walk to finish our time together.” Evie said as she handed back the ote book.

“Sure.” Dawn said.

Dawn wanted to stay with Evie forever. However as time would have it, she had to work.

She didn’t have a big place. It was enough with the amount of savings she had. She wanted so much for writing to work and at 32 years old, now is the perfect time. But she only has so much.

Her novel was sent back again. So she worked tirelessly on it. This was going to make or break her career she thought. So she let herself get engulfed by the story. She lived every moment with her main character. After three hours she decided to rest.

She leaned in her chair. Evie’s face crossed her mind. She smiled at the thought of her reading her novel. It was enough to push it. Even so Dawn didn’t. “Take care.” Is all Evie told her. So Dawn will.

She put her laptop up after pressing send. It was a great day. She hoped she could feel this was forever.

Meeting Evie was heavenly. Work however, was a different beast. Dawn is always remined of her pain when she talks to Kevin. It was never enough. My book was picked up. It was amazing hearing praise but why not have it out. He wanted me to make it longer. To improve some scenes. To put more “oomph” in it so to speak. No matter what it kept being sent back. She so long only to have him continued to say more Is better.

Dawn sometimes was left on the verge of tears. But she feared they will say “She may not be ready.”

Her only fuel is that she is close. Her only goal is to get there. She fear’s. She does have a signing of a first book payment but I use it scarcely. Simple things are nice but she fears being trapped. Why is this process so long. She often wants to scream.

“You may want to make this part longer, Dawn.”

“Thanks, Kevin. I will keep that in mind.”

“We will end talks today. But so far great work.”

Dawn sighed.

She sat at her desk. The words felt to jumble as she made them. She lean back and close her eyes. She wants to calm down but she wants this so much.

“Maybe some tea will help me calm.” Dawn thought out loud.

She walked to her kitchen. She passed by her window and sees Evie pass by on a path she must take ever so often. She seemed so content to herself. Dawn wanted to go out and say something to her. Or at least she wished she would turn and smile. Her fluttering heart says tea for now but seeing her lifted Dawn up.

She returned to her desk and sipped long and slow. The tea filled me with such warmth. Evie made it much more. She looked at my scene and gave it another go.

Listening to herself with a memory of questions from Evie made her apply the same take on my book. She began to dream again looking hard into each part. She figured out maybe this happens now. she fell in love with the scene again. It takes her emotions to many places.

She stops to think but Evie creeps into her mind. She’ll write another story she thought. Just to take a break.

One becomes two. Two becomes more. She wants to see her face light up so much she tears into her world. Her mind floods with ideas. She want her smile so much. Work seems so distant now. Keeping it up she managed to finish five. It was so fun she hoped Evie could read them soon.

She looked at the time and put my stuff up. She wanted to stroll hoping she is still around.

Dawn reached the park. Evie was sitting on the bench.

“Oh you’re here!”

“I am. I finished my work for the day and thought you might want to see some more story.” Dawn beamed.

“I would!” Evie smiled equally as bright.

She read them so enthusiastically. Each one she dived in so silently Dawn almost wondered out loud what she thought of them. However afterwards she talked so high of them Dawn almost floated away.

They spent so much time together today. Dawn’s troubles seemed to melt.

Evie stopped for a moment before speaking.

“Hey Dawn… Let’s exchange numbers.”

A smile wider than Dawn intended formed.

“I would love too.” Dawn said.

Dawn left her feeling higher than she’s ever felt. Meeting Evie was so much in her life. She felt maybe she will treat myself for a nice dinner.

The thought of it put a smile on her face. It’s time for some steak!

There is this really nice place nearby with great steak. Dawn decided to stop by. She was seated fairly quickly.

The smell of good food made her feel hungry. she ordered her steak medium with a side of asparagus and garlic mashed potatoes. She couldn’t wait.

When the food arrived, she let herself take in the smell. It was so well cooked that she felt really giddy.

Every bite was bliss. A kiss on the tongue so to speak. She loved it. She didn’t do it often, but every now and then doesn’t hurt.

After She got her bill, she headed home. She felt over the moon. She hoped Evie was just as happy.

She took a long bath before heading to her room. This is bliss. She thought This day couldn’t be any better.

As she woke from her dreams, Dawn reflected on her memories the day before. The steak she had put a cap on her most wonderful day. Most of all, Evie is so great. She loves when she reads her stories. In her mind she finds herself saying openly “I love her.”.

Dawn got up to fix breakfast. Something a bit heavier today would suit. She made her eggs with a tune in her head. She hummed it steadily as she made some sausage patties too. The house filled with an aroma I haven’t smelled in a while. Her coffee was a special blend Evie talked about.

She turned on the radio and sat down. She took a bite of her sausage first.  An audible “Mmmm.” escaped her lips. She sipped her coffee and then started her eggs. She was enjoying herself.

“Oh!” Dawn said as a song came on.

“I love this one.” She said.

She swayed to the music before turning her attention to her breakfast again.

She bit into more of her sausage.

“Mmm.” She said again.

She loved it.

Leaning back she sipped her coffee. Another song caught her ears. It was a new love song. Dawn listened between sips. Her heart fluttered as she though of Evie. She smiled warmly.

“I love her…” Dawn said.

Finishing up she turned off the radio.  She decided to sit awhile. Her mind began to swim with wonderful thoughts. A sudden urge to write one down became a sudden urge for story. She picked up a pad and pen and begin to write. She went to the depths of an ocean. She finds a wrecked ship. The sharks give her danger. The mermaids chase them away. One is so beautiful she wants to stay. She then goes to space and drift for what seems for eternity. She sees a secret meeting. A new planet is found. With a queen so lovely she felt is was paradise.

So many words are written. Many are her best ideas yet. Before she knew what was happening her story count was six.

Dawn’s phone rang jolting her from her thoughts. She looks to see Kevin and picks it up a bit disappointed.

“Dawn? Hello. I want to give you some news. We are pushing into an evaluation. If we get good word your book is going through. We might be able to publish soon.”

She leaped in joy.

“Really? That’s amazing. Is there any more for me to do?”

“No, it’s all on our end. Have a great day and kick your feet up.”

The news rang in Dawn’s head a thousand times over. Excitement filled her so much. She wanted to dance. Calling Evie was next on her mind.

As she dialed her number, Dawn’s heart began to flutter. This would be her first time calling her. Even so she dialed it jitters and all.

It didn’t ring long before Evie answered. The news made her scream for joy.

“You’re so close! Let’s go take Kevin up on his offer and have lunch together.”

An explosion of thoughts raced throughout Dawn’s head as she managed to get out “yes”.

Dawn and Evie chatted excitedly. Evie steered the conversation around a lot of places. However many seemed to be about Dawn as a person than a writer. Dawn wanted to talk with her for an eternity. She wanted to watch her as she eats. It was something new. She felt on high as a she sat with her.

“But you said you wrote more short stories?”

“I did!” Dawn beamed.

“By the way what will you do with them? Besides let me read them.”

Dawn paused/

“I haven’t thought about it as more than practice.”


Dawn watched her warily but her face returned. She brought more questions as the moment returned.

“Hey. Let’s stay for one more refill.” She said with a wink.

Dawn’s heart jumped high into her throat. It sounded nice.


Dawn laid back in her bathtub reliving the lunch meeting. Evie is so wonderful. She loved talking to her.

As she exited the tub she hummed to herself. It was such a dream. Her mind soared high into the sky.

Before she knew it, the afternoon was almost over. her phone rang again. Kevin’s name showed up making my head light.

“Dawn? I will just be honest. You book was a no go.”

Dawn face went pale.


She couldn’t believe it. Her heart panged as if it was struck by a dagger.

“What do you mean!? I worked so hard… With you.”

“I know. We evaluated time and overall quality and it just wasn’t there.”

Tears made her voice hoarse. She could tell he could hear.

“Sorry Dawn. It just wasn’t time yet. Take care.”

Dawn wanted to throw her phone. It was such a dagger. Her tears hollowed her chest. She immediately dialed Evie.

Evie was stunned to hear her voice. Dawn could tell she was worried.

“Try to call down.” She wept, ”You have to keep yourself together. I’m here. Just come to the park.”

“No not now.”

Dawn felt awful hanging up after Evie cried too. She didn’t mean to lift her so high only to have her own pain hurt her. Tears shouldn’t have left her eyes. Dawn felt pathetic. She lost her time.

Her phone rang again. She didn’t look at it this time. She went to her room, laid down, and continued to cry until her eyes shut.

The world went black before a vivid light appeared. She was watching a field of flowers. There was beauty for miles. She wanted to frolic through them. As she headed for them, they begin to fade into nothing. She fell into tears. It was so hallow. She began to dream about a spaceship that flew high into the sky. She wanted so much to be on it. As she looked up walls and walls of text appeared. She tried to read them but exhaustion filled her.

she eventually woke up to the shining sun.

She felt awful. At least she could have dreamt nice things in this moment she thought.

She gets up and checks her bank account. She still has enough funds but it could be better.

She let out a long sigh.

Her phone rang again. She didn’t look at it knowing it could be Evie.

she hated it. She hated life. It was frustrating. But most of all she was mad with herself for letting down Evie.

It was too long since she stopped going out. She had called her mother. The sympathy she heard only made her feel worse. She didn’t know what to expect from her but “You poor baby.” wasn’t it. And what made matters worse was Dawn hasn’t talked to Evie in some time. Dawn know Evie must be worried. She was so angry with herself right now that she didn’t know what to do.

Dawn looked around before she eyed her phone. She finally checked it to see that Evie started texting her a warm message a day. She read them out loud but my heart stayed low. She got ahead of herself she thought. But what’s worse is she made Evie as sad as her.

“Evie shouldn’t have to worry about me.” Dawn thought. “She has been so kind. Yet, I can’t face her. I messed up big time.”

Dawn groaned.

The phone rang again. She let it ring and didn’t pick it up.

She closed her eyes and thought about Evie. She had so many kind words for her. So many words of wisdom. Dawn thought about them. She couldn’t have forgotten them.

“Evie is my light. I shouldn’t dim it.” Dawn said as she reached for her phone. It went off again as she did. The message seemed longer. Dawn read it.

Dawn, I know you are in pain. But it doesn’t have to be over. If anything can soothe you than please be okay. I want you to be happy but I am very selfish. I want to read your stories. I want to see you around. I’ve sent you many messages. I’m working on your smile. So please show it to me again. I’ll read your stories a thousand times. Just let me hear your voice as I hurt for you now.

Dawn didn’t know when they started. Her tears streamed down her face.

“She really does miss me.” Dawn cried.

“I never thought of more than myself. It meant so much for me to have this book.”

She read the message again, Her fingers moved on their own. She touched Evie’s name on my phone. It rang only for seconds before she picked up.

“Dawn, it’s you.” She squeaked.

“It is. Evie I know we were both disappointed. Even so I should have healed with you. I should have continued to stay around. But please don’t sound like that. You mean too much to me. I hurt you but I won’t apologize. I will simply say I’m fine.”

Evie cried a for a bit. Dawn listened in her own tears.

“That’s good.” Evie said finally through her tears, “Take your time to come back out. Right now your voice is all I need.”

A smile formed for the first time in a while. Dawn loved so much to hear her again. It wasn’t long before conversation itched. She told her to stop and chat awhile. they stayed on the phone for hours. They promised to call each other as often as possible util they picked  themselves up.

As Dawn hang up the phone, she looked around. She had told her so many stories. My notebook knows it all. Her writing bug itched as she picked it up. She stopped at the front and read a few lines. A few lines in, she read a few more. Before she knew she was four stories in. She went for a ride and her smile matched my memories of hers. She left her pages early into the afternoon. She wanted so much to try again.

Dawn sighed to herself.

“Let’s get back at this. I won’t fail again.”

She stood up and looked out the window. The sun shone brightly.

“The day is not over. These days are not over. Evie’s smile. Her laugh. Her presence helps me remember that. I have to have my own self-worth. See the beauty she sees in me. I love writing. So I have to try again.” Dawn told herself.

She picked up her phone one more time.

“It rang for a bit before her mom picked it up.

“Hey mom.” Dawn said.

“Dear, are you alright?”

“Don’t worry. I’m picking myself up. I’ll be fine.”

“Want about finding another job?”

“I still have time. Please have faith and I’ll do the same.”

“Right. Then if you ever need anything, call me.”

“I will and say “hi” to dad for me.” Dawn smiled.

“I will. Take care, My little Dawn.”

Dawn hung up the phone. A smile crossed her face.

She looked up and then went to her laptop.

She read her stories again. She felt tears fall but this time my hands moved for one more story. She wrote of a flutter of love. She wrote with all her heart. One story called “Our Lasting Love”.

A rose and tea for my dear girl. These are the things she loves when I come to see her. We sit and chat after she tells me to stay. I vow to keep her for the day. So I promise that I will stay.

A conversation is where we start. I love to listen to her voice. She talks to me in her earnest way. With sweet nothings and lots love things. I sometimes zone out just to only hear her. It’s wonderful talking to my sweet.

When we stop we slowly sip our tea. The serene quietness is something of a warmth. As the tea goes down it fills my soul. I bubble up in a giddy emotion. My giggles are hard to contain. We relish in this warmth. It hypnotizes me. This moment of our lives. I love her so much. We could sip tea until the night.

We finish our tea. We go for a walk. Our feelings blossom brighter than the flowers around us. The morning glory leads a path for us. We watch them as we avert our gaze from each other. The beautiful hue of the flower holds our gaze for a moment. Then we look back to each other as nothing could keep me from her. Her lovely eyes shines brighter the flowers. I fall into them in my own stare.

A gentle breeze caress her and me. As the summer sun beats down upon us. We hold hands to the warmth around us. We take it in one second at a time. We look at a fountain as we pass the park. We sit there and let our feet soak. We giggle at each other’s jokes. The merriness sends my heart high. A wish for the day to not end comes to mind. Then we make another wish to just sit still in time.

We gather ourselves and head back. We make a promise that our love will last. And in that promise is one kiss. With an embrace that holds us together. As we part, we stare into each other’s eyes. A lasting love for all our time. We never part. We’ll never leave. This love is just for you and me.

We sit to each other until the sky turns a beautiful orange. The sun now sets and in my lap, you rest your head. A beautiful smile upon your face. What sereneness this is, our lasting love. The night sky now welcomes us.

With the stars high and the moon bright on its side, we gaze into the distance. Just you and I. The streaks in the sky gives us one more wish. We tell the stars we just want one more kiss. Our lips meet to the starry shower. I wash in my warmth as it fills me up. Your bright smile after we kiss lights up my world. I shine brighter than ever I have.

A day for you and me. I fly high into the sky and feel as if I’m floating on cloud nine. My lovely girl and I. A beautiful story for all time. I land back to earth. With thoughts of forever still on my mind. Our lasting love is a story of its own. One with a good ending that bring you to tears.

Forever and always I love you sincere. With all my heart. My soul too. I love you and it’s true. My beautiful girl and a beautiful day. My decision to stay was the best thing ever. With you with me days are bright. Our lasting love will stand the test of time.

Dawn swooned as she read it.

“It’s not over. Let’s try again.”

Dawn blew a long breath

“I can do something with this, I know.”

She let out another puff and then picked up her phone. It didn’t ring long before Kevin answered.

“Kevin, I have a new pitch. A collection of stories.”

“Dawn? So soon?” Kevin sounded surprised.

“Yes. I will send the detail over email. Please take a look when you have a chance.”

“Okay dawn! I will look into it and call you after I review.” He said.

Dawn hung up the phone. She was elated. She sang to herself after she told Evie the news.

“Oooh! This is great, Dawn!” Evie said.

“Yes, it is.” Dawn started.



“I want you to read those stories again. Just this time in book form.”

“I will.” Evie beamed.

“Great. Well then goodnight, Evie.”

“Right. Goodnight, Dawn.”

Dawn laid in her bed. She was drifting so sweetly. Evie’s excitement lingered in her mind. The way she genuinely cared was something that Dawn soared over. She closed her eyes and drifted in her mind. Not soon after, sleep took over.

Finishing breakfast while dreaming was something Dawn missed. She felt like a new life has come over her. She wants to see Evie and tell her how she feels.

Dawn hummed to herself as she walked a different route. The crowd seems lively but she felt she beat them all. She strolled along the sidewalk. Before heading to the park. Evie dashed behind a tree and peaked out playfully.

“What are you up too?”

She blushed before coming around with a bouquet of beautiful roses.

Dawn couldn’t believe it. The colors were gorgeous. However what caught her eye was the colors she picked. Dawn knew them too well. White roses for “I’m worthy”, Pink Roses for “Happiness”, and the most beautiful red ones for… “I love you.”

“Please accept this from me to you. However based on you expression you know they say, “I love you.”

Dawn’s “I love you too.” came out as fast Evie finished.  She went around the roses and embraced Evie as hard as she could. They held them together and Evie cried as Dawn took them. They sat on a bench and just enjoyed each other’s company. She held them to her nose and sniffed them fondly. It was nice to be this open with her. As they parted, they shared a small kiss. Dawn floated all the way home.

Dawn sat in her living room in a daze. Her flowers were put in a vase she bought on the way home. She wanted them to last as long as forever.

Dawn looked around. It was so surreal. She wanted to make sure she was still alive. She smiled brightly as everything set in.

“She loves me too!” Dawn sighed lovely.

“I’m so happy.”

She then decided to get tea and turn on the radio.

“A lady grey and some tunes.” Dawn beamed.

She sipped her tea and bopped her head to some music. She felt her heart floating from within she was so happy.

Soon her phone began to ring. It was Kevin.

Dawn turned of the radio and picked up the phone.

“Dawn, Congratulations! You have a book.”

Her eyes welled. She didn’t imagine what those words did for her. She felt higher than she thought she would.

“We will get it released as few as three months. But congratulations, Dawn! You did it!”

“Thank you so much, Kevin!” Dawn said.

She hang up the phone having spoken a bit more. She couldn’t wait to tell Evie the news.

Dawn dialed Evie’s number. Her heart thumped as it rang.

“Dawn, Hi!”

“Evie! I have great news!”

“Ooh, Tell me.”

“I’m a published author now. The accepted the book.”

Dawn could hear Evie burst into tears. Her eyes filled with tears at once and she cried her own. They cried together over the phone. Afterwards they said goodbye much sooner than Dawn liked. Evie said she would meet her again soon after she does something she called important.

Dawn looked at the ceiling as she lay on her back. Her emotions swam ahead of her. She felt entirely on bliss. She thought of what she might be up too. It sounded very important.

 She stayed in her room and thought of what she would do as she is now a published author. Those thoughts didn’t last long as my phone began to ring.

“Hey, Dawn… Let’s meet for dinner tonight.”

Dawn immediately agreed and a sprang out her bed. This was the best day and Evie just made it better.

She arrived at the restaurant and saw Evie standing in front. She was shifting nervously before she saw Dawn. She walked up to Dawn before stopping within arm’s length.

“You know Dawn, I’ve enjoyed being with you as you’ve told me story. You light my heart and I love you. You have a book for me and know I have a ring for you. Will you marry me?”

“I will. I always will. The answer is yes.” Dawn squeaked.

Evie placed the ring on her finger as a few people cheered. It felt like a story book ending. The ones that’s open ended. Dawn couldn’t believe it and yet it was so perfect.

“Evie and I together was something even I couldn’t write up.” Dawn thought as they embraced.

“Now then, Let’s celebrate and have our dinner.” Evie said as she grabbed Dawn’s hand.

“Yes! A good steak will cap this day magically.” Dawn said.

“The steak it is. My treat.” Evie winked as they went in.

It’s been three months since Dawn’s book was published. She was told it was doing well. The reviews are coming in. So far, they are nice. She tries not to check too often as the numbers business kind of scares her. She was also getting her first royalties soon. She hoped they are good too.

Dawn mind raced. All of the business that comes with books is fine and all, however she has something more important occupying her mind.

Evie is coming over!

She was so nervous. Yet at the same time, her heart soars.

“She’s coming over! And what’s best is she is my fiancé.”

Dawn tidied up a bit one last time. Not long after that the doorbell rings.

“She here!”  Dawn says in her excitement.

Dawn opened the door. There she stood in front of her. As beautiful as can be. Her smile was so radiant it made Dawn smile brighter.

“Oh, hi!” She said as she embraced Dawn.

“I pass by this place all the time. To think my love lives here.” She said as they parted.

Dawn blushed at these words.

“Here, sit down a bit.” Dawn said as she motioned for her to come in sit on the couch.

Evie looked as if she floated in. It was surreal. To think someone loved me that way Dawn thought it made her so happy.

Dawn watched as she sat down. She took a seat beside her.

“So, how have you been today?” Evie said.

“I have been well. I really looked forward to this, so I have been on high.”

Evie blushed.

“Me too.” She said.

They smiled together before conversation started again.

It was refreshing and beautiful all the same. She had such an exuberance that seemed to come out even more today. Dawn really loved her.

“Would you like some lunch now?” Dawn offered.

“Sure!” Evie said with a clap.

Dawn led Evie to the kitchen.

“Steak?” Dawn asked.

“Steak!” She agreed.

“Good then I’ll cook us some.”

“Anything I can help with?” Evie offered.

“Oh.”Dawn blushed.

“Is it okay? I make a mean mashed potato.” She winked.

“Sure.”Dawn smiled.

They sat together and ate their meal. Evie was right. Her mashed potatoes were great.

“You make a mean steak, Dawn.” Evie said as she ate.

“Thank you.”

Dawn continued my meal. She stopped to look up for a second. Evie’s eyes were on her. She begin to blush.

“I really love you, Dawn.” She said. “Being here made me happy. Especially since we cooked together.”

“I feel the same.” She Dawn smiled.

 They get up to clean for a bit.

It was so surreal. It was like they were already married. She had butterflies.

After their meal, they sat on the couch again.

Dawn looked outside.

“Hmm, the mail is here already.” Dawn said.

“Oh, didn’t they say they will mail your check?” Evie said.

“Yeah, they did.” Dawn recalled.

“Then go check! I’ll wait.” Evie insisted.

Dawn went to get the mail. Sure enough, the check was in.

“Oh, open it!” Evie clapped.

Dawn looked at it.

“Ooh. Not bad.” Evie says over her shoulder.

“Yes, not bad at all.” Dawn beamed.

It was so exciting for her. She got her first royalties.

Evie took her hand before placing her lips against hers.

“I’m so proud of you.” She said teary eyed.

Tears welled up within Dawn too. They fell so sudden she couldn’t stop them.

“I did it!” She cried. “I really did it!”

Evie held her tight.

It was the afternoon. Evie was on her way home.

“See you soon.” She said as she kissed Dawn’s cheek.

“Right.” Dawn said as she waved her goodbye.

Dawn closed the door and sat down for a bit.

Looking at her check, she smiled.

She’s always imagined it but having it is truly wonderful.

She laid her head back.


She is so wonderful. Dawn felt so lucky to have found her.

She sat a bit before grabbing her phone. She dialed her mom.

“Hello?” Her mom answered.

“Mom. I have something to tell you.” Dawn began.

She told her mom everything. Her mom listened. Soon she cried.


“I’m just happy for you.” Her mom sniffled.

“Thank you.”

“Now then, as for your marriage. I’ll bonk you on your head for not telling me sooner.”

“Right, sorry.” Dawn smiled sheepishly.

“You’re father has something to say.”

“Oh!” Dawn said.

“Hello Dawn. I just wanted to say that’s my little squirt.”

Dawn laughed.

“Any way you be happy and take care of your girl.”

Dawn got teary-eyed.

“I will. I always will.”

She talked a bit more to both of them before hanging up having promised to visit soon.

Dawn sat up a few more hours before deciding to turn in.

She lay in her bed before closing her eyes.

“This is just the beginning. I want to write more.”

Not long after that sleep took over her.


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The White Lilies of the Lake by Raine Leggett

This is a story about a chance encounter. I love such things in romance. A deity and a princess. What more could you ask? Enjoy!

The White Lilies of the Lake by Raine Leggett

She sat on the edge of the lake. Her reflection staring back as intently as she was. She sighed as the wind rippled across her reflection in the lake. Unaware of the eyes on her from above she brushed her hands across her face.
“Do you aim to go in after yourself, girl?”
Startled she turns to see a beautiful woman standing there.
“I was the only one here.” She said wearily. “I would have known if there was someone else.”
“You say that as if you own this place.”
“I do, for this is my land. My kingdom.”
“What is your name?”
“You should know my name is Maize.” She looked up slightly offended. “The crown princess of this land.”
“How bold. For I am Serenity. An entity that gives this land light. A nymph if you will.”
Maize lit up.
Serenity rose an eyebrow as she expected senseless babbling.
“Why do you look as if you were offended?” Maize said rather slyly.
“People shouldn’t be so full of themselves.” Serenity retorted.
“Well then…”
Maize got up and walked around. She moved rather quickly as if to avoid the woman following her.
“Is this your territory or something?” Maize asked in annoyance.
“I’ve watched you come here for some time.” Serenity said softly.
“Then you must be in love.” Maize laughed.
“How foolish.” Serenity blushed, “But I am a woman of nature under the sign of Aphrodite. I need not concern myself with a selfish mortal.”
She sprung ahead of her bumping her slightly as she passed.
Maize was immediately agitated.
“Watch it.” She yelled.
“Try and catch me princess.” Serenity taunted, “And try not to fall.”
As soon as her words left, she took off.
Maize huffed and chased the woman.
Serenity ran so effortlessly. She made sure she zigzagged through trees and hopped over any rock she could find. Maize stumbled a few times. Serenity looked back often and laughed as she knew Maize tried hard not to fall.
“You won’t laugh when you fall, Serenity.”
“You’ll bite your tongue if you talk and ran so awkwardly.” She teased.
They reached a clearing. Maize’s eyes grew wide as it was filled with white flowers. She slowed herself to look at them. She looked around as she ran before suddenly crashing into Serenity’s arms.
“Well, It seems I caught you instead.” Serenity laughed as she held her.
“Or did I stop paying attention and nearly knock you over.” Maize said with a blush.
Serenity let her go as Maize pushed herself away. Maize walked toward the field. She beamed as the endless field of white flowers stretched for miles.
“They are the lilies that grow around this lake.” Serenity started, “They separate this world from the outside. The meadows beyond takes you to the wilderness. Then you are in the world around.”
“Be quite will you.” Maize shushed her. “I want to enjoy my view.”
Serenity sprung before her and picked a Lilly. She surrounded it in light. The flower seemed to brim with more life.
“Wow it’s even prettier.” Maize got closer as she smiled.
“Then have it.” Serenity said rather softly.
“Really?” Maize said as she tentatively grabbed it.
“You need not be so careful as my powers are great.” Serenity continued in a more normal tone, “Just don’t lose it.”
“Then I will cherish it.” Maize smiled sincerely.
Serenity beamed her own smile.
“By the way I won’t fall for you.” Maize said sneakily.
“Are you familiar with the langue of flowers.” Serenity said with curiosity.
“It is a hobby of mine.” Maize looked at the flower she was carefully holding.
“Then all the more easier to tell you I meant for the land to have such beauty.” She walked around her,” They represent the purest of love. My land is lush and beautiful. This field is beyond your kingdom on purpose. I wish for it to stay this way.”
“What do you mean?”
“Don’t be selfish, girl, and tarnish my land.” Serenity said.
She watched Maize frown.
“I mean not to make you sad.” Serenity said as she got closer.
“Are you going to kiss me?” Maize asked nervously.
“The lily is enough.” She said as she pulled back.
She walked back to the forest.
This time Maize followed her.
Serenity stopped. Her body glew a bright yellow.
“At least before you leave you should say goodbye.” Maize said softly.
“I’ll say something better.”
Serenity continued to glow. She faded into golden light. As she left sunlight fuzzed around her. They danced around the field. She watched in awe. Before grabbing one.
All at once a bliss of warmth surrounded her. She felt as if she would fly away. She closed her eyes to take it all in. As she opened her eyes, she noticed she was looking at the clouds above. The golden fuzz floated high into the sky.
She turned to look at the field of White Lilies as they shined with bright light.
Enjoy yourself well. Your secret garden.
“Fine then. I love you too. Come again soon.”
And with that she headed back.

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Roses by Raine Leggett

Life after death is something of a strong topic. Does it exist or do you simply rest? In this story, I explore what it is like to have love after death. Enjoy!

Roses by Raine Leggett

The message I received from you that day was one I would always remember. It came in a whisper. One so small I could miss it. Your voice rang so beautifully for me yet, I could tell you were crying. I listened with all my heart. It gave me such peace.

So I sent for a cloud to move. To give you back your warmth. As I watch the light, your smile says you got it. I want to send you more for your words are not forgotten. I then sent for water to fill the clouds just right. A light pouring of the rain sent a serenity to your life. The green lush of the trees shone nice and bright. I watch you look at them with bliss in your eyes.

You call me another time. I hear you loud and clear. You tell me that you are alright as you talk to where I lay. You tell me that you brought some roses for me from a garden you planted one day. That they reminded you of our love.

Their wonderful shade of red brought a smile to me. I want to get them myself from the place where you left them. Instead, I watch you from above right where I left you.

Until You and Me by Raine Leggett

I love the thought of love. Yet something about an one that crosses planes feels weirdly magical. Take a look at this story and see.

Until You and Me by Raine Leggett

I glance in the wrong direction. I fidget and I swallow. Someone is there but I cannot see. Is it ghost or another being. I feel a chill then a warmth comes over me. I close my eyes and it is you that I see. A lovely girl with eyes as beautiful as they are clear. Is she live or is she a ghost looking at me? I feel no fear. I only want to see. Why are you not in heaven? Why do you chose to stand in front of me?

Are you lonely? Your eyes say that you are not. What is it that you see in me? You look like you want a lot. I cannot give you anything but my attention. You seem to think that is okay. A look if longing. A look of love. It’s so sweet that I almost fly away.

I go to my dreams. You await me there. I grab your hand without hesitation. We fly to the clouds and snug in our warmth. Nothing feels real. Yet my heart beats so. I feel I could leave with you. But as I wake you are gone. Should I die before time gets old, I hope you are waiting for me. As it is my love that you bloomed. Until forever. Until me and you.

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The Little Owl by Raine Leggett

This story was an entry to a contest. It didn’t win, but I think it is good. So I’ll share it here. Enjoy!

The Little Owl by Raine Leggett

I’ve always thought that if I could fly, I would be as free as can be. That no harm would reach me. That I would never fall. If I could fly, I could be closer to you. Closer to where you rest in heaven.

Walking the path I usually do; I look to the sky again. I listen in my heart. Who do I hear? I voice so sweet I hope it is yours. I stand still and sway in the gentle breeze. Is it you that caresses me, my love? It has no warmth, yet it soothes me. Is it you?

I continue to walk the sun low in the sky. I’ve always marveled at the colors. I stop to watch it for a bit. You must be in paradise.

I hear a sound. Who is there I ask? A small owl comes into view.

“Hoo hoo” it says.

I watch it closer. It stared into my eyes. A cute little barn owl. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It watched me as I left. I have eyes for such things. You were my beauty and were cute too. I loved you so.

The wind begins to pick up. I begin to feel a chill. Why the sudden wind? Were you not happy to hear me?

“Hoo Hoo”

I turn to see the owl behind me.

“Why do you follow me?” I ask.

It tilted its head.

What a strange creature it is. I want it to leave. My heart was not up to being followed by such a thing.

I hasten my steps. It was all I could do.

“Hoo hoo.”

The wretched thing flew in front of me.

“Please. I have no time for this.” I said as I begin to run in another direction.

I find myself at the park now in the night sky. It was so beautiful up high.

I watched the stars appear as I strolled. It was lovely. I thought of you as I reveled in this cool night.

“Hoo hoo”

My heart sunk as I heard it.

I turn to see the owl sitting up high.

“It must be nice to be able to fly like that. You could go anywhere. See any one…”

I sighed at that thought.

“Even so if they are gone. No matter how high of far, you can’t see them.”

I stay in place as the sky was now lit with stars.

I find a place to sit. My eyes begin to water as the do.

“You would have loved this view. But I suppose you have a better one now.”


“My love is who.”


“You must be lonely to follow me around. Perhaps we will sit together then.”

As soon as I said this it flew off.

“I guess not then.”

I make my way home. I had such a sad feeling. My sweet love was gone.

I lay down after a long bath. It was warm and soothing. My cover up to my neck, I drift off to sleep.

“Who is there?” I say as a figure stands before me.

“My dear… you have come.”

“Shirley…” I say in my breath.

“Let me hold you one more time.” She said with tears in her eyes.

I embrace my love. As I do a cold comes over me. I feel as light as air. My sense daze. My eyes feel with light. I feel no pain just fear. Where am I going I think. I open my eyes to nothing but a blue space.

“My love you have come. Wait here until you are ready. We will meet again.”

“Hoo hoo” The owl sat in the tree next to a window. As the morning sun filled the room the owl closed its eyes.

“My dear you are here. I have waited so long. Myra.”

Let’s stay here in heaven together. My warmth will never leave you again.

I turn to see me laying still in my bed. It was surreal but I grab my love’s hand and soar high into the sky.

Forever you and I.

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