Roses by Raine Leggett

Life after death is something of a strong topic. Does it exist or do you simply rest? In this story, I explore what it is like to have love after death. Enjoy!

Roses by Raine Leggett

The message I received from you that day was one I would always remember. It came in a whisper. One so small I could miss it. Your voice rang so beautifully for me yet, I could tell you were crying. I listened with all my heart. It gave me such peace.

So I sent for a cloud to move. To give you back your warmth. As I watch the light, your smile says you got it. I want to send you more for your words are not forgotten. I then sent for water to fill the clouds just right. A light pouring of the rain sent a serenity to your life. The green lush of the trees shone nice and bright. I watch you look at them with bliss in your eyes.

You call me another time. I hear you loud and clear. You tell me that you are alright as you talk to where I lay. You tell me that you brought some roses for me from a garden you planted one day. That they reminded you of our love.

Their wonderful shade of red brought a smile to me. I want to get them myself from the place where you left them. Instead, I watch you from above right where I left you.

Until You and Me by Raine Leggett

I love the thought of love. Yet something about an one that crosses planes feels weirdly magical. Take a look at this story and see.

Until You and Me by Raine Leggett

I glance in the wrong direction. I fidget and I swallow. Someone is there but I cannot see. Is it ghost or another being. I feel a chill then a warmth comes over me. I close my eyes and it is you that I see. A lovely girl with eyes as beautiful as they are clear. Is she live or is she a ghost looking at me? I feel no fear. I only want to see. Why are you not in heaven? Why do you chose to stand in front of me?

Are you lonely? Your eyes say that you are not. What is it that you see in me? You look like you want a lot. I cannot give you anything but my attention. You seem to think that is okay. A look if longing. A look of love. It’s so sweet that I almost fly away.

I go to my dreams. You await me there. I grab your hand without hesitation. We fly to the clouds and snug in our warmth. Nothing feels real. Yet my heart beats so. I feel I could leave with you. But as I wake you are gone. Should I die before time gets old, I hope you are waiting for me. As it is my love that you bloomed. Until forever. Until me and you.

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The Little Owl by Raine Leggett

This story was an entry to a contest. It didn’t win, but I think it is good. So I’ll share it here. Enjoy!

The Little Owl by Raine Leggett

I’ve always thought that if I could fly, I would be as free as can be. That no harm would reach me. That I would never fall. If I could fly, I could be closer to you. Closer to where you rest in heaven.

Walking the path I usually do; I look to the sky again. I listen in my heart. Who do I hear? I voice so sweet I hope it is yours. I stand still and sway in the gentle breeze. Is it you that caresses me, my love? It has no warmth, yet it soothes me. Is it you?

I continue to walk the sun low in the sky. I’ve always marveled at the colors. I stop to watch it for a bit. You must be in paradise.

I hear a sound. Who is there I ask? A small owl comes into view.

“Hoo hoo” it says.

I watch it closer. It stared into my eyes. A cute little barn owl. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It watched me as I left. I have eyes for such things. You were my beauty and were cute too. I loved you so.

The wind begins to pick up. I begin to feel a chill. Why the sudden wind? Were you not happy to hear me?

“Hoo Hoo”

I turn to see the owl behind me.

“Why do you follow me?” I ask.

It tilted its head.

What a strange creature it is. I want it to leave. My heart was not up to being followed by such a thing.

I hasten my steps. It was all I could do.

“Hoo hoo.”

The wretched thing flew in front of me.

“Please. I have no time for this.” I said as I begin to run in another direction.

I find myself at the park now in the night sky. It was so beautiful up high.

I watched the stars appear as I strolled. It was lovely. I thought of you as I reveled in this cool night.

“Hoo hoo”

My heart sunk as I heard it.

I turn to see the owl sitting up high.

“It must be nice to be able to fly like that. You could go anywhere. See any one…”

I sighed at that thought.

“Even so if they are gone. No matter how high of far, you can’t see them.”

I stay in place as the sky was now lit with stars.

I find a place to sit. My eyes begin to water as the do.

“You would have loved this view. But I suppose you have a better one now.”


“My love is who.”


“You must be lonely to follow me around. Perhaps we will sit together then.”

As soon as I said this it flew off.

“I guess not then.”

I make my way home. I had such a sad feeling. My sweet love was gone.

I lay down after a long bath. It was warm and soothing. My cover up to my neck, I drift off to sleep.

“Who is there?” I say as a figure stands before me.

“My dear… you have come.”

“Shirley…” I say in my breath.

“Let me hold you one more time.” She said with tears in her eyes.

I embrace my love. As I do a cold comes over me. I feel as light as air. My sense daze. My eyes feel with light. I feel no pain just fear. Where am I going I think. I open my eyes to nothing but a blue space.

“My love you have come. Wait here until you are ready. We will meet again.”

“Hoo hoo” The owl sat in the tree next to a window. As the morning sun filled the room the owl closed its eyes.

“My dear you are here. I have waited so long. Myra.”

Let’s stay here in heaven together. My warmth will never leave you again.

I turn to see me laying still in my bed. It was surreal but I grab my love’s hand and soar high into the sky.

Forever you and I.

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A Rose in Spring by Raine Leggett

Storie like these makes my heart bloom. A rose for someone you care about and a little stroll too. It just makes me happy. Check it out!

A Rose in Spring by Raine Leggett

Every spring she brings me a rose. It began to be something I looked forward to. She would always say this is the first one from my garden. It makes me smile every time. This year was no different. She promised to bring me a rose once we meet at the park.

The young woman sat to herself. She watched every face that passed by. She was starting to get nervous. It wasn’t anything too bad, she thought. It’s just that these days seeing Sarah made her that way.

She cleared her throat.

“Frog in your throat?” She heard.

“Oh!” She said as she looked up. “Sarah!”

“Hi, Brittney!” Sarah said with her hand behind her back.

She got closer and revealed what she had.

It was a rose so beautiful and lush. But what wowed Brittney was the color. It was pink and so lovely.

“For you. As promised.” Sarah said.

Brittney took the rose carefully.

She looked at it fondly before placing it to her nose. Its scent was so lovely, she nearly cried.

“Thank you…” She said sincerely.

“You’re welcome. I always love growing these. So for you to look that happy, I’m so glad.”

Sarah sat down on the bench Brittney was sitting on.

She watched Brittney eye the flower more before she turned her attention back to her.

Brittney nearly blushed at the warmth in her eyes.

“So, how are thing with school?” Sarah asked.

Brittney sat next to her.

“It’s well. I am finishing up midterms in a few days. After this stretch, I’m in my senior year.” She beamed.

“You should be proud of yourself.” Sarah said with a smile to match Brittney’s.

“I am…” Brittney said as she couldn’t help but blush.

Sarah watched her as Brittney’s gaze averted.

“Sorry.” Brittney said as she looked up. “Didn’t mean to run.”

“It’s alright. You are cute that way.”

“Brittney’s heart thumped.

“Well then… If you don’t mind let’s take a walk.” Sarah asked.

Brittney practically jumped up.


“Hah hah. Slow down. I need to get up too.” Sarah chuckled.

Brittney waited as Sarah got up.

“Let’s go to the fountain area.” Sarah said as she did.

“Yes! Let’s!” Brittney agreed.

She and Sarah strolled down a beautifully patterned sidewalk. It was such a lovely day. The sun was shining high and there were just enough clouds to provide a nice breeze.

Brittney held her rose close.

“Can I have one of your hands?” Sarah asked.

Brittney blushed.

“Or is it weird?”

“No!” Brittney said as she let Sarah grab one of her hands.

She held the rose close and grasped Sarah’s hand. Her heart was off the charts.

“Hee hee.” Sarah chuckled again.

“What?!” Brittney asked.

“You’re so nervous.” Sarah replied.

Brittney nearly hid her face again but managed to look at Sarah still.

“You can tell?” she asked.

“Yes. It’s cute.”

Brittney marveled at Sarah’s intuition. It was what she always liked about her. Sarah had already finished college and works as a botanist at a nearby university. She was so mature to her. She could help but feel like a kid, yet at the same time, she knew there was respect in Sarah’s words.

“By the way. I wanted to tell something.”

Brittney looked at her curiously.

Sarah stopped their stroll.

“I really love you, Brittney.” Sarah said as she faced her.

Brittney almost dropped her rose.

“Really?” She said.

“Yes. Really.” Sarah continued.

“I want to be yours.” She said.

Brittney’s eyes teared up.

I want that too. I mean I love you too.” Brittney said with all her heart.

Sarah smiled before placing her lips against her.

“Good. Then next time we meet, I have a bouquet for you.” She said as she parted.

“Brittney smiled as bright as the sun.

“Then. I’ll wait for you.”

“Hold on. We have to get the fountain.” Sarah winked.

“Right. Brittney said as she grabbed her hand and they strolled off.

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A Simple Wish by Raine Leggett

This was initially posted on Ko-fi. I wanted to make a story that was simple and sweet. I turn to the night sky when I want serenity. Enjoy!

A Simple Wish by Raine Leggett

The moon sat high in the sky. It was late in the night. The stars were out in a plenty, giving light to the dark world.
There was a woman sitting outside on as rock. She was just outside of town. Her gaze lay on the moon shining above. She was content to herself. As she gazed into the sky, a star streaked passed her view.
“Oh! A shooting star! I’ll make a wish!”
She closed her eyes and made a wish. A giggle passed her lips as she did.
“I love making wishes.”
Just as she said this another streaked across the sky.
“Ooh! One more wish!”
She closed her eyes and made another wish before getting up.
“It’s getting late… I better head back.”
She walked back to town strolling as she did so. A tune floated in her head. She began to hum out loud. As she made her way into town, she noticed the bread shop was still open.
“Hmm. The lights are usually off by now.”
Just as she said this a man walked out of the shop. He looked stressed and tired.
“Hello, Mr. Gary.” She waved.
“Oh Carol, you are out late.”
“No, sir. This is nothing for me.”
“Oh! Then how are you?”
“I’m good. I’m just heading home.”
“I see. I’m about to do the same . I just had a spill with the kitchen and cleaning has put me behind.”
“A spill?”
“Yes. A new employee rushed out and but the yeast up wrong. And of course I knocked it over.”
“That sounds awful. Are you okay?”
“I could be better, but yes.”
“Okay Mr. Gary, I’ll see you later.”
“Right, Good bye Carol.”
Carol strolled off. She looked in the sky as she did so. The stars were still twinkling brightly. She loved it.
“Too bad, I can’t stay up until they are gone?” She laughed. “I love the stars.”
She made her way to the front of her house.
A small cat was sitting on her porch.
“Poor little guy. You look too young to be by yourself.” She said.
She walked a bit closer. The cat tensed as she did.
“Don’t worry. Oh!”
The cat darted off.
She sighed to herself.
“I hope it will be alright.”
She then turned to the sky for one more look at the stars before heading in.
As she did she noticed she had voicemail on the phone.
She checked the voice mail.
Hello Carol. It’s me Danny. I’m coming home. You hear me, I’m coming home!
Carol Screamed.
“Danny’s coming home!”
She danced around her room before falling on the couch.
Soon tears began to fall.
“I can’t believe it. My love returns!”
She then went to her window.
“You beautiful darlings. You gave me my wish!”
She then blew a kiss to the stars.
“I’ll sleep well tonight.” She said to herself.
She then went to her room and lay in her bed.
“Soon I will have you with me again. We’ll shine as bright as the stars above. A light will fill our future together and we’ll never part again, my love.”
She smiled as she said this and closed her eyes. Sleep met her as soon as she did and carried her off to a night of bliss.