Love-Lie by Raine Leggett

During a major health crisis, I wrote to pass time. I wrote a lot of mini-stories. I intended to flesh them out when I got better; however, they flowed in a way where they told a story. Love-Lie became the name of it because of the thought “is it love or a lie?”. Enjoy!

Love-Lie by Raine Leggett

When it Rains

An Imagination that lights the heart. A smile and a laugh from the bottom of me. Gently resting under a tree. A dream of sunshine, a warmth of rain. A single whisper, a silent pain. My eyes they weep. A sound of lightning rings above. A man calls down “What is your name?” I call back as the sun fades and simply say “My name is Raine.”


A glance in the wrong direction. A fidget and a swallow. A ghost appears and summons you here. In darkness I shall not follow. For whom the bell tows and where do I do go? A glimmer and a hope. I face the fear called death. Forsaken and forgotten memory flashes back. Who is this person that’s constantly laughing? Is it grief or is it more divine? An angel is here with the same name as mine.


A foe or an enemy what is your name? Or are you a friend? Is that your name? Something so close. My heart’s desire. Tell me do you know my name?

Am…I to Leave

A voice as beautiful as the sun. One note and the bell has rung. To whom it calls… An angel will fall. And pray to his soul that my bell is safe.


What follows me here and there. A soul so blank as it stares. Your arm lifts the same as mine. But for you the sun doesn’t shine.

The word “You”

What comes to mind when I think you is a word that spells my feeling for you.

Love Anxiety

A glance in the wrong direction. A fidget and a swallow. A sigh as heavy, as the soil beneath my feet. The steps of my darling become so clear to me. A fear I dare not reveal follows. Instead, we pass each other. A frown now disappears. Because my love so sweet.

Siren’s Song

A storm and a blow. A ship and wreck. A sinner prays. A life to be saved. A siren calls and the ship comes back. Leading the sailor home.

The letter you

I think of a letter. As I look toward the sky. An angel passes across my mind. The letter “U”… What does it mean? I think of a smile of times we were happy. For you the clouds are where you rest. For me the sun shines down as a gentle caress. We follow the rain and the hiding sun. A tale of love brought from above. A kiss so sweet as I wake up.


The one who stares blankly. A vision that bursts. With the stroke of a brush an artist provokes. A splatter of paint. An idea explodes. Dreams come to paper as reality unfolds. A world is entered. We fall to the sky. A song ring with sweet lullabies.

When my name is called

As I glance in the wrong direction; I fidget, and I swallow. A ghost appears and summons me near. A darkness falls before me; one I do not wish to follow. A single bell rings and a hope for life it brings. Forsaken or forgotten. Am I abandoned by God? Why has Insanity taken such a firm grasp? I watch an angel fall right in front of me. Who is the one that calls me? A hand reaches to me. The one it belongs to whispers a name familiar. Beyond the lips of a sinner comes “Please don’t call me back.”

Hope (Happiness)

A splash of color here and there. I pause and I wonder as I stare. The one who stared blankly a brush and a stroke. A pleasant thought that art provokes. The shinning sun a cool rain. A warmth that ends all the pain. I laugh, I cry my soul divine. I smile so bright as time goes by.


An Imagination that lights the heart. A smile a laugh from the bottom of me. Gleefully dreaming under a tree. A nap and a story under the sun. A sound, a song that enters my ears. A serenity as the sun disappears. The stars that shine show a picture of you. Tears fall down my face as a warmth and joy disappear. I listen, I wander to a distance voice; hoping my happiness doesn’t fade.


On a cloud there sat a droplet of rain. Glistening under a ray of sun. It falls down to earth under sky. The soil drinks it over time and it begins new life. A bud of a flower rises from the ground. It soaks up the rays and returns to life. A beauty like no other forms an existence. A ray of sunshine feeds it from above. A beautiful flower remains here on earth. As time flies the sky around it changes. In the light of the sun brings forth an angel. She floats and takes a look before returning to air.

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For my Sake by Raine Leggett

The was an idea I had about miraculous survivals. In this story someone is hurt badly yet they live. Take a look at it and enjoy.

For my Sake by Raine Leggett

The world steadily went dark. The scene around my eyes began to vanish. It grew colder by the second. “Why is this death so scary?”

“I want to be saved!”

The world began to crumble around. It returned into a dark blue.

“It wasn’t much. I didn’t think she would die.”

I lay there with those words echoing. It seemed like an abyss. Where was the light?

“I am gone?”

Soon a cloud appears to my side. Then another and another. A feeling of air came to me. More like the pain went away. My eyes flickered about. As soon as they came to, I saw a face. Then the world went black again.

I woke up by a tree.

“What happened?”

A paramedic was nearby.

“See she’s alright! I don’t have to go to jail.” A woman screamed.

“Tell it to the judge.” A cop said as she was escorted in.

“You will be alright.” The paramedic said.

I sat in silence. I shouldn’t be alive, and I know it.

“How’d I survive?”

“Don’t worry about it.” He said as he looked me over. “You don’t have anything life-threatening. It was a nasty fall you had.”

He looked at me before asking some questions.

“Do you know what day it is? And what is your name?”

“It’s Wednesday and my name is Janet.”

“You seem fine enough. Do you want to come in?”

I stared blankly.

“No, I’m fine.”

“Alright if you need us then call.”

“Right.” Is all I could answer.

I walked for a bit. I swear I should be dying. But I’m not

“Why be so bewildered?”

I jumped in my skin. A woman stood in front of me. She was just suddenly there. No. No matter how you look at it she is a ghost.

“I’m dead?”

“No.” She said quickly.

“What do you want then?”

“Nothing. I just thought you shouldn’t die. So I asked him to put you back.”


I then thought about it more. That face… It was him!

“Is that why I survived?”

“It is.” She said with a giggle. “I’m so happy!”

“Why?” I asked suddenly realizing she somehow knew me.

“You just caught my eye from down here.” She said. “And I’ve watched you since.”

I blinked a few times. That was weird. I’m not special.

“Are you telling the truth?”

“I have no reason to lie.” She said softly. “My name is, Brenda.”


 I thought for a moment.

“I guess I appreciate it then.”

“You were struck so hard. It was awful. I’m glad that big lady got what she deserves!” Brenda scowled and hissed.

I almost laughed.

“Are you here for a while?”

“…” Brenda paused. “Not really I just wanted to see you closer. You just revived so you are spiritually high.”

“What does that mean?” I asked curiously.

“It means you can house me a bit.”

I tried to figure this out.

“Show me your life, Janet.” Brenda said.

“I kinda don’t have one worth showing,”

“Take me somewhere!” Brenda pouted.

I thought for a moment.

“The mall?”

“Yes! Yay!” Brenda said as she jumped for joy.

We went towards the mall. It wasn’t far away from the park where I started. We took our time walking. I noticed I wasn’t as tired.

“I feel like I could walk forever.”

“Yes, that’s what happens when you are so spiritually high.”

We made good time to the mall. It was crowded. I walked Brenda around. Until we saw a performance by the center fountain.

“Ooh!.” She jumped and skipped.

I followed her.

The performance just started. It was really nice. At one point there was a harp solo. They were very skilled.

“What is this. It’s free?” Brenda asked.

“It’s a community band.” I replied.

Brenda looked as if she would cry.

As the performance ended, we walked away to where she dragged me.

We stood in front of the fountain. The water was clear and beautiful.

“Can you make a wish for me?” Brenda asked.

I pulled out a coin. Both of us closed our eyes and I threw it in.

“You made one too? I hope.”

“I thought that is what you asked?” I said sheepishly.

Brenda smiled.

“This was fun. But you are getting weaker. I’ll tell you something come closer.”

I leaned in and our lips met.

I was shocked but didn’t move.

“I’ll see you again someday, but not too soon.”

And with that, she began to fade into the air.

I stood in place. Wondering what happened. It was surreal.

But in any case, I am alive.

“Thanks, Brenda. I had fun.”

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The Colorful Mask by Raine Leggett

Smile for the camera. You are a star. These thoughts swim in a young performer’s head. What if I didn’t. I’ll just make due. See the strife of a singer who puts on a smile for every mood. Please enjoy.

The Colorful Mask by Raine Leggett

I watch as they cheer. The applause ringing throughout the room defended my ears. I smile at them as sincerely as I can. I watch them blow kisses I don’t desire to blow back. A void in my heart makes me wish I could leave. Where did it go the love for this stage? Why have I fallen victim to this sea of lust? Give me my name instead of this blind fame.

She walked off the stage. Her manager headed her a bottle of water.

“Good job out there again today.”

She looked up as she took the bottle and put on a brave face.

“Yeah, I rocked it!”

“You sure did. Now we have to make sure you are ready for what is next. You have two more gigs coming up.”


“Don’t worry if you keep up this level of performance you are sure to keep shining.”



“Oh yeah. I understand. I’m just a bit tired.”

“Alright well how about we celebrate with barbeque, then.”

“Alright, thanks mom.”

As they drove her mom yakked on her phone about gigs. Every time she hung up; she dialed another number. It was vexing. “Talk to me.” Kay thought. She sped through a light so distracted by the phone. Kay felt it would serve them right if they crashed.

Shortly after her mom hung up again.

“We’re here! Now let’s celebrate!”

“This place looks expensive…”

“Don’t worry your gig paid well.”

As they got to their seats people stopped them a lot and asked for pictures. Her mom eagerly let them take a few. She placed the most colorful smile on as she stood with them one by one.

“Sorry guys but can you take this outside?” A waiter said as he approached them.

“Sorry guys! This will have to do it!” She beamed.

After the commotion ended, she and her mom took their seats. She was waited on immediately by the same waiter. Her mom eagerly piled up her order. She asked many questions about all the expensive food. By the time she finished Kay who had zoned out noticed the waiter leaving.

“Wait my order- “

“Don’t worry, Hun. I ordered for you too.”

Kay sighed.

“Ma’am, is that okay?”

She put on a colorful smile.

“Yeah sure!”

The food arrived after some time. It smelled delicious. Her mom immediately began to divvy it out. She immediately noticed the portions were off.

I knew it… She thought. She not only got her favorites; she’s eating the most.

She formed up as much energy as she could and put on a face of fun.

“Well let’s dig in!”

They ate in silence. She felt the food was what she needed. It was long after the meal started her mom’s phone began to ring. But to Kay’s surprise, she didn’t pick it up. Her stomach lurched at this.

As her face fell, her mom looked up. She put on a smile before eating into a rib.

“Is everything okay here?” The waiter said as he returned.

“Yes. However, I would like a to-go plate.”

Kay’s heart panged.

Her mom asked for a check as well. Kay didn’t like that she had to tip with her on cash as well as the cash her mom was using. Every bit of those funds were hers and she knew it. Her mom always talked about responsibility but never let her practice beyond her selfish reasons. When does a 16-year-old get her freedom?

They drove down the road to shortly after leaving. It didn’t look like they were going home.

“Where are we going?” Kay asked.

“To talk to about another gig.”

“Wait, another!?”

“That’s not a problem.”

“You’re right it’s not.” She said as she forced a smile.

It took hours for the meeting to end but as she left her mom signed a deal for some gigs at parties. She couldn’t stand it.

The next few days were hectic. She wanted to rest so bad, but her mom made her prepare so much, it was hell.

The day of the next gig hit so fast she thought she would die.

As she waited backstage, she nearly cried at her exhaustion. At least her mom could try to understand. She was jolted from her thoughts as she heard her introduction. She ran on to the stage but as she did a photographer flashed a light directly into her eyes. She got so disoriented by this and before she knew it, she had stumbled over a chord on stage. She landed with such a thud as the mic hit her on the head. A screech filled the room so viscously as the mic blared.

Her mom rushed on stage as Kay clenched her leg.

“What on earth!?” Mom said angrily.

“My leg!” She cried.

She cringed in pain but what scared more than the pain in her leg was the crowd. Their stares crushed her. She fell back as she wanted to disappear. In her despair, she listened as the crowd was told the show is over. The words echoed in her mind mercilessly. Her mask fell and she began to cry.

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Rain by Raine Leggett

After a break up emotions can swim. A little pick me up can be in order. What if it came in a chance encounter. Enjoy this story that explores this.

Rain by Raine Leggett

The woman ran down the street. The rain poured down from the sky. She had been caught off guard by the sudden downpour.

She made her way to the bus station. It was just about to depart when she made it.

I’m not having a good day…

The woman sighed as she tried to find a comfortable spot.

She let her thoughts swim around her.

It’s bad enough that I got dumped, but now I’m soaked…

Tears welled in her eyes. She became so overwhelmed, she didn’t notice that she had stopped in front of someone who was walking.

“Excuse me. Are you alright?”

The woman looked up to see a slightly younger woman looking at her.

“Oh, sorry. I think I stepped in front of you.”

“It’s fine.” The young woman smiled, “I could just stand here.”


The bus ride was as usual, slightly noisy. The woman took comfort in the noise. It kept her preoccupied.

“Umm, do you have a name?” The young woman asked her.

“Yes, everyone does.”

“I guess I asked for that. My name is Carly.”

The woman felt a bit bad. She knew she was being a bit abrasive as she was in a slightly depressed state.

“Sorry, my name is Madalynn.”

Carly smiled.

“I see. Madalynn, is it? Well, it’s nice to meet you.”

Madalynn looked at Carly. She could tell that Carly may have come here on purpose. Even so, it was nice that someone cared enough to cheer her up.

“I guess I look like a train wreck.”

“No, you just look sad.”

All at once, Madalynn’s tears welled up.

“You can cry you know.” Carly said sincerely, “I don’t think anyone would laugh. I’ll watch the crowd if you feel vulnerable.”

Madalynn sobbed into her arm. She felt like she was being sucked into a void.

Carly felt tears of her own coming. She didn’t like how sad she was.

“We dated for so long. My boyfriend and I were so close, but he found someone else.”


Carly felt a bit sadden by this. What jerk would have someone look like this? Especially since it was someone so beautiful.

“I think that’s crappy.” Carly finally spoke, “After all, you’re so lovely.”

Madalynn eased her crying a bit.

“Thank you. I feel much better after letting it out a bit.”

The bus stopped.

“Oh, looks like I get off here.”

Madalynn looked at the sign.

“Oh yeah so do I!” Carly said.

They walked off the bus. It was still pouring outside.

“Man, it’s sure isn’t letting up.” Carly said as she opened her umbrella.

Madalynn tried to hurry off as she was getting soaked again.

“Maybe, you should stop somewhere to not get so wet.” Carly suggested.

“I probably should.” Madalynn sighed.

“There is a café around here.” Carly suggested, “You could walk under my umbrella with me until we get there.”

“A date already?” Madalynn chuckled.

“No just a friendly gesture.” Carly said with a wink.

They walked the sidewalk sharing the umbrella. It wasn’t far from the bus station. As they walked, they could smell the fresh coffee.

They went inside and ordered their own coffees. It was nice for Madalynn to have something warm to drink and an ear to talk to. They talked for a few minutes before they realized how much they had in common. They eventually ordered snacks to keep their conversation going.

Madalynn felt like her sadness cleared as fast as the cloud did.

“Wow! It’s already cleared up.” Madalynn said, “I guess I should be going.”

Carly stretched.

“Yeah! That felt like seconds.”

Madalynn paused for a bit as they headed out.

“By the way… which way are you going?”

“That way.” Carly said as she headed back to the bus station.


Madalynn was puzzled.

“I have to get to my real stop.” Carly said with a blush.

Madalynn was stunned.

She really went out of her way then… “Well then. Before you go… Can I have your number?”

Are you Mine? by Raine Leggett

A story of love and longing. When you love someone, you want them near. You want to hold them and fill yourself with love. In this flash fic, I try to capture those emotions. Please enjoy!

Are you Mine? by. Raine Leggett

Were you sent to me from heaven? Is there light brighter than yours? I watch you from afar. Even though my eyes meet with yours. A lovely smile stays on your face. My own stays just as wide. I take my time to close our gap. You walk to me with a joyous step.

As you come nearer, I feel my own warmth. I want it to surround you and fill you with love. I want it to lift us to heaven on high. You grab my hand. I squeeze it tight. I want you to know that you are mine. I tell you my love for many many hours. I embrace you as if I’ll never let go. Time stays still as we stay with each other.

A million stars fill the sky. One streaks by as I make a wish in time. I wish for us to stay together. And in our warmth, we’ll never leave. Until bells ring above our heads, I keep you with me for eternity.