Our Summer by Raine Leggett

Traditions. Community outings. These are some things that I find lovely. It is a wonderful way to celebrate and keep up relationships. This is a story of just that. Enjoy! Our Summer by Raine Leggett It was a summer day. The sun was blaring high in the sky. Miss. Ruth was watching her granddaughter setContinue reading “Our Summer by Raine Leggett”

To Our Neighbors by Raine Leggett

This is a story I entered in a challenge. It didn’t make it so I wanted to share it here. It is a sweet story about a gentleman who is witnessing a town event worth history. Check it out! To Our Neighbors by Raine Leggett David did imagine this day would come. The town’s timeContinue reading “To Our Neighbors by Raine Leggett”

A Lovely Afternoon by. Raine Leggett

In this world, there are many pleasures. For me walking is one. It is a way to unwind and enjoy life. The park is the best place to do that. This piece is about a woman who just does that. A Lovely Afternoon by. Raine Leggett Over the moon and down again. I wonder howContinue reading “A Lovely Afternoon by. Raine Leggett”

To Wait for You by Raine Leggett

This story was after an odd challenge. I had to make a story about a lamp. After some thinking, the lamp became the scene on/scene off device. It was very interesting to do. Please enjoy this fiction about a woman who thinks its the end of her relationship. To Wait for You by. Raine LeggettContinue reading “To Wait for You by Raine Leggett”