A Book for Me and A Ring for You – A Short Story by Raine Leggett

Hello all! I hope you are enjoying the stories. This next story is a short story based off of my story A Book for Me and A Ring for you. If you are familiar with it then you may enjoy this story. If you aren’t here is a little history. A Book for Me andContinue reading “A Book for Me and A Ring for You – A Short Story by Raine Leggett”

The White Lilies of the Lake by Raine Leggett

This is a story about a chance encounter. I love such things in romance. A deity and a princess. What more could you ask? Enjoy! The White Lilies of the Lake by Raine Leggett She sat on the edge of the lake. Her reflection staring back as intently as she was. She sighed as theContinue reading “The White Lilies of the Lake by Raine Leggett”

The Little Owl by Raine Leggett

This story was an entry to a contest. It didn’t win, but I think it is good. So I’ll share it here. Enjoy! The Little Owl by Raine Leggett I’ve always thought that if I could fly, I would be as free as can be. That no harm would reach me. That I would neverContinue reading “The Little Owl by Raine Leggett”

A Rose in Spring by Raine Leggett

Storie like these makes my heart bloom. A rose for someone you care about and a little stroll too. It just makes me happy. Check it out! A Rose in Spring by Raine Leggett Every spring she brings me a rose. It began to be something I looked forward to. She would always say thisContinue reading “A Rose in Spring by Raine Leggett”

Love-Lie by Raine Leggett

During a major health crisis, I wrote to pass time. I wrote a lot of mini-stories. I intended to flesh them out when I got better; however, they flowed in a way where they told a story. Love-Lie became the name of it because of the thought “is it love or a lie?”. Enjoy! Love-LieContinue reading “Love-Lie by Raine Leggett”